Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Summary of 1-mth *Classroom Experience*

Initial week:
feel really lost coz the form teacher on leave just give me her handbooks and said that 1 mth have to give them 2 compo, try to cover as much as possible.. I have to figure out what to do with the class of monkeys.. P keep walking pass the class discreetly, scary leh.
Sobs, how come no break time for me? any free time I have they will slot other relief class for me?? Hungry , hungry... havent been to the canteen before leh.
their "england" really can't make it,
2nd week:
Finally got a chance to grab something from the canteen, what a disappointment... they food sux... and eating halfway my dearest monitoress came to say that the time-table messed up , it my lesson! gosh!
Make a new friend, we are both new to the school.Everyone seems to be busy with the anniversary event, except the 2 of blurr duno whether to attend their meeing or not... Think I am like a loan-shark, chasing after money and homework.
Sighz, I broke the gigantic ruler, need to cool down *lol*..simply can't stand these monkeys...
3rd week:
Drama everyday since the very 1st day of school, most absurd things ever will happen in my class.. why? they need attention? (steal money, fight in class, reason out with me when I punish, "asthma attack kid" sent to hospital, crying to go home)...
Finally I got a way to keep them quiet. Notices that P is watching from the opposite class...*sighz* stress leh, can u stop watching? I wonder if interesting and innovative teaching methods can be use in this class?
4th week:
P came to see me, talked to me about the meet parent session and report card procedures.. what?! ME? after the session my jaw drop and stare blank for a second. I'm bearly there for 3 weeks lor, just managed to remember their names, now what? meet parents? stressed..
Didn't even tell me there's a class test.. have to rush the test papers for them, from scratch coz their syllabus is so different from the rest of the class. Called the teacher in-charge for advise, she just said "just compile a test from what u have covered" (-.-") .
finally managed to compile test papers for all the subjects, guess they are playing tricks on me huh? the photocopying machine suddenly need card? they didn't issue me any access card loh, tmr I need to give them test leh *Hello!* liao-lui, go to chongpang and print with my own money.. 30pcs * 3 subjects ...pocket burnt! Skipped the contact time coz I really feel so tired, need to zzz.. who knows on the way home, buddy smsed me "P ask who is not around leh? think she noticed u r not ard.." sheesh!

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