Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sweet Toothie

Cook prawn mee at home... everybody likes it :)
Glad that is a long weekend, spend time with baby...
watched Miss Cong. 2 at GV10.. was hilarious.. but part 1 is nicer.
Saturday, went to terminate that EXTRA line at starhub and
sis went M1 to terminate her line as well. Lunch at Meridien Kopitiam.
yucks the bah kut teh's so salty and diluted.. Walked to PS and shop for JC b'dae pressie.
bought ice-cream , was stopped by the security at Carrefour... legs aching, wrong shoes... bought a bottle of candy for her, and a pair of sandals for myself. Saw the crew of "yuan lai shi ni", kym ng searching for contestants.. Dinner with baby at Secret Recipe along Chinatown and head to C&C. Had stewed lamb, tiramisu, chicken, ice lemon tea... yummy*
JC invited alot of pple, but the last time ham celebration there even more pple.
anyway didn't really like beer, makes me puke and rash. Only part I enjoy is singing with Baby and the cake... think I have sweet tooth, keep craving for cakes, desserts, ice-creams..etc

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