Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Moi's B'dae

really thankful to these buddies:
lynz, jenn, karen, beekwang, jess,val ,diana, arlene..
those sweet greetings from them really brighten my day.
And not forgetting my family, and the sweetest Baby in the whole universe..
came all the way just to have dinner wif me and my family...
simply contented with that.
Was pouring heavily outside, so we order home delivery,
had golden pillow, lover splitzer, supreme splitzer, drumlets and my favourite cake, thanks to my dearest sister...she knows my heart melt when i comes to tiramitsu, forget about telling me how many calories it contain lol* thot' its a great day until my dad shouted at the top of his voice, guess what....the poor dog got scolded for barking..*OMG!
after the yummy stuffs, Baby shared her day with me and we had a great time until the hp rang..if u are catching me episode closely , should know who called huh? Baby's Mum...
yes ... I wonder what is wrg? less then 1 hour, everytime we go out for the weekend, we'll neber miss that ringtone.

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