Monday, April 4, 2005

Movie - the Eye 10

What a movie, I hate horrors..
but my baby love it ....sighz...after the movie its gonna be lights-on whole night for me.
the imagines from horror movies always replay in my mind ...sleepless, somebody HELP me!
arghz! Home alone, creepy..

Today I receive a good news from my agent.. yeah I finally got a job that really sounds like something to me. well, it a temp-perm position and the hourly temp pay sounds miserable but, think about it its temp!!! sooner or later I'll get the perm and more satisfactory pay, hopefully...
BUT , I'm still alone, sianz....I'm happily blogging , yah , facing the monitor *smilez* ... sounds freaky huh, nevermind, I'm HAppY~ haha*

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