Monday, May 30, 2005

Papa's Birthday

Dad open the pressie after work, gald that he liked the yellow shirt...wear it for dinner.. lol abit over dressed, nevermind, his birthday must be special huh.. had thai food, the servings of each dishes seems alittle to small for us, in the end we ordered 2nd round *opps*:
Fish, Cuttlefish, Fish maw soup, Baby KaiLan, Fried Thai Glass Noodle, Pineapple Rice..thats the spread for dinner... Shop around the complex until Dad stop at the massagging chair roadshow, the sales person invited him ttill Dad cut the cake... o try, Mum dint dare to try, we bring her shop around while Dad enjoy his full body massage...9.30pm...Papa~ we already finish shopping, are u done ~ came home and have the singing and cutting cake session... poor doggie, eyeing on the cake the very minute I brought it out from the fridge... oh no! the fruit toppings is making cutting cake a challenging task... Before I solve the cake part, Mum and Dad already busy withthe durians...sob* took me long time to distribute the cakes, coz half the time I'm busy watching tv.. thats all for today.. *yawns*

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Movie Review: Monster in Law

Wow, those who havent catch this show, I reccommend it ..its hilarious!
Anyway not to even mention JLo's fabulous fig. Somehow the show reminds me of the little things that happen in my life as well... Hmm.. Shopping for Lynz's Bdae pressie and card... and for Dad's bdae pressie too... May and June are the busiest period of the year... May (Mothers; Day & Dad Bdae) , June ( Fathers' Day & Mum's Bdae).... POcket burning gosH! talk about burning... Baby went sun tanning and came home looking like a burnt breadman.... and she's happy about it....

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sharing a Little Song ...

Been addicted to the songs from the movie Butterfly:

Hopscotch & Chet Lam (林一峰)

The best is yet to come
永遠有一個吻未嘗 有些燭光未燃亮若愛太苦要落糖 結它斷線亦無恙To hug someone to kiss someoneThe best is yet to come若要錯失永不能守 得到也不代表長久假使快樂有盡頭 痛苦也未會不朽寂寞半點假如不能承受 這生命注定過得不易笑與淚 亦有時候To hug someone to kiss someoneThe best is yet to come若你說不再聽情歌 不想再經歷這漩渦假使抱住你拳頭 到底也沒法牽手就是為了追求一時平靜 將感情隔離半點感動都扼殺沒法承受 永遠有不妥協傷口 有些憾事不放手若你太刻意淡忘 越會補不到缺口Why don't you just hug soneone just kiss someoneThe best is yet to come最好的尚未來臨

Interview at SC Bank

Got up really early, pack my stuff, wash up, makeup and do whatever before I head for that interview in the afternoon. Sitting in the cab, enjoying the view along the road as I slowly enter a dreamy setting.... I wonder why am I still in the search for job. Is there a problem somewhere in me ? friends and close ones keep prompting me about job. job, job...I'll want to be like them, busy working and filling up their time, working out the brain. I feel a little ashamed to meet up with my ex-classmates and buddies at times, saving my face when the topic revolves around work and money. The interview like a routine that I have to go through every once in a blue moon, will end by saying "we'll contact you soon, thanks for coming ". Well 90% will not call, isnt it a polite way of getting me outta the premise? Wander around the library after returning the books... browsed around and finally got 2 brain-xercise books and 2 story books. Hope they will keep me occupoed other then sitting infront of the computer all day, browsing the job sites and classified jobs everyday, been a routine for months. Time really fly, by the time I reached home its near dusk, open the letterbox to see if there is any replies from those numerous resumes that I've sent out. no luck, just a few bills and bank statements... Share my thoughts with Bb as we play literati... yaddle over the phone, was feeling drowsy when suddenly she plonk me a question " do you think you'll be happier without me in your life? or the one in your life is someone else?" I ponder for a moment, thinking about the mishaps that happened to friends around me...I kept silent...nope..why did she ask? time to recharge myself, good night..

Monday, May 23, 2005

Shopping Day for Baby

Went to town after brunch at Kallg... really crowded. Duno whats wrong with me, I started blabbering some nonsensical stuffs, whatever that flash across my mind. I think I havent got over the emotional concert last night. Baby looked at me puzzled as she listen.... thats me, don't know what I'm doing , zombie.Wealked from Wisma, bought wax, then scout around for Baby's perfume...have dinner at the Latituade/Horizon nice place to watch the crowd from above... Had a salmon sandwich , share a salad with Bb, vanilla tea... Bb had fish & chips, rossy drink. the food come in tiny survings , seems like I'm getting hungry only after we finished the BUt its too late, by the time we go other places, its closing time... BAck to Taka, Bb bought the perfume set and we proceed to the bus-stop to catch my bus. She drop at the Mrt station and head Kallg. Sms her all along the bus journey home... still having my mental blockage...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Nostalgic Concert

Meet Arl today at bugis, the lazying cafe that I frequent ...all time favourites, thanks to Kel that introduce brought us there the 1st time... talke about the poly dazes and some updates about some shocking news she heard about a gal from our course that is getting married soon coz of shotgun....sighz...her life is mono too, taking up extra job during the weekends to fill up her time.
Then got to know that her comp is looking for a temp admin to help up in some ad-hoc duties, well, decided to give it a try as I wait for the gov side to reply.

Guessed its fate that we can attend this concert, a very last minute additional seats to that concert. Its not particularly gimmicky or "happening" concert. Brings back lots of memories and triggers lots of emotions... sad, love, loniliness.. the songs, lyrics that made us all pick up some little thoughts as he sing and tell the story behind each songs. Somehow, all these feelings sort of relates to the music flow, the notes carries a certain part of my memories... like the death of someone close, those childhood days drama sitcoms, the loneliness when I'm away from home, the neglected feeling when u love someone, the foolishness at certain point of life, the hurt the pain .. goes on and on....suddenly feel like having someone to hold my hands, look into my eyes and smile.

After the concert, took a cab to Geylang to have supper, the famous "you-tiao da wang" ordered a table full of food and start munching with Baby and LW... they were dicussing about handphones applications and models...and continued the chat as we move from that eatery to another coffeeshop. talked about going KL in june with some M'sian...then LW shared her experiences of pop & shake thingy...gosh~ surprised* by the way she illustrated is so funny lol*
Yawnz* tired after the chat, took cab home, stayed over at Kallg but seems I'm disturbing. sorry.

Some thoughts about Relationships..

Don't know its a trend or bad year, been receiving bad news from friends about their relationship. Feel that we are all vulnerable by love... having to blog so much in my previous enteries about my own problems, it makes me look at it from different perspectives...

Some things are best kept unsaid but others must be made really clear. Compromise? common word that we'll come across when people touch on this topic, how much to take or give... nobody have an answer to it.... Who is right who is wrong? what if there is no answer to this question.... all of us are just human being, we make mistakes . Anyway, these are just pieces of thoughts that flash across my mind right now...

First that comes to me (Jz) told me about the relationship with her gf and the gf's ex... the love triangle will not break coz none of them is willing to give way.. the one that is toggling between Jz and the ex having born with honey coatted tongue and lips can't make up her mind and is thinking of having the best of both worlds... sickening yah, I really don't know what to say at that point but to listen, coz this friend of mine is too blinded by love that nothing is more sensible than to "win" the battle....

Second the young slutty little gold miners...out to "fish" for the biggest catch of the season. Been thru' all her nonsensical gateways from partner 1 to partner 2 , partner 3 ...etc.. a person's wealth is her measuring device.. like a cashing machine *blinks* ....her victims' profile:
1. middle age lady, not appealing in terms of phy appearance, the rich
2. man, single, funky , go gaga about her...
3. man, married , rich, old
4. blah-blah-blah..
the list will never end but seems like her reputation really tarnished over the years.. still the foxy little gal got greedier as she grow...lost contact totally..

Third, the one that got too "motherly" in the end all the relationship ended somehow similar: too naggy, too restrictive... oh not to forget one important issue that she always brings up..FAT~ what is important in a person is the character, personality that will never change in a person, not the looks.. it fades away as time passes..some people are just so superficial...sighz.

Fourth, couple that have too much diff in age...some might say that it doesn't matter, but come to reality it does, menality, life goals and directions don't blend.... freedom is what the young wants, and the elder one simply wants to protect the young gf from any potential harms... in the end with different communication simple term is call, mis-interpretation, it becomes: Possesiveness and Bo-chapness...

Actually very drowsy after taking the medication, just want to take down some notes from things that happened recently, makes me feel that a relationship is really vulnerable when its not carefully handle.... I have phobia too after listening to things that happened so suddenly, imagine what if things like this and that happen to me, how will I handle it? think I'll be like ants in hotpans , only if its others problems I'll have lots of things to console and talk to them in a sensible manner ...

Personality Traits - What Sort of Bird are You?

Checkout your personality Traits..

According to the resource from :

I belongs to this category:

18 March - 14 April

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A powerful individual which displays courage and a sometimes ruthless determination. Avoids problematical obstacles with skill, although must be fully targeted so as not to waste energy in fruitless chases for the impossible.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Falling Sick...

I don't know how others feel when they fall sick, might be a flu , coughs, fever or some external injuries. I feel the a sick person really need lots of attention from the people around.. Especially love one. For the past few weeks have been coughing, struggling with my asthma, phegm and the sore throat that goes on and off... put aside all the medicine thats in line for me from the various GP that I consulted these few weeks, I feel like the most fortunate person on Earth, being showered with lotsa TLC from mummy, and Bb... *coughs* Well, back to reality, I want to recover soon, the coughs makes me have unrest nights and lost all my appetites coz I simply can't taste a thing, everything taste so blend to me ... and the worse has yet to come, hope I wont have to experience the asthmatic days once upon a time..... imagine walking a distance from the room to the loo makes me feel like just finish a 2.4km run...catching my breathe ~

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Insecured ?

Feeling not being "good enough'' .... helplessness ... sense of being "out" .... lacking support and attention .... "someone out there" (better) is taking over... recalled the first kiss, glaze and hug? the flavours, texture, temperature and sensations on the tongue… the way it made ur body feel? after awhile the excitement and freshness seems to have left her.... it becomes part of the memory stored , frozen ?? I hope not! where is that 'first love' feeling? when we r first together, the magnetic attraction . What can I do to put the spark back on her? help remind her of the incredible passion we used to share ..... sighz* feel like abandon bear

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Held at Meritus Mandrian ballroom... meet up with the best groupmates ever thru'out the course lol... the speech seems never ending *yawnz* got the scroll but its empty sighz.
the food reception is pretty good. then catch up with the lecturers and photo session..
Then move on to fetch the sicky hp from NCC, technician unable to help with the card prob.
Baby decided to trade it with someone online... got the 3230 ..but seems like the trading process havent stop... next day, Baby decided to trade the 3230 with another person for a se p900.
anyway, I think mobile get better treatment than me... I fall sick too 0.o*

Saturday, May 14, 2005

mobile phone amnesia

baby's phone suffer amnesia, guess she stuffed it with too much stress. Got to rush to nokia care centre at woodlands. wow! a big crowd...hmm, nokia having some problem? then I decided to go window shopping while baby wait for her turn. got an express manicure and had dinner at mos burger... eeek! the seafood burger really sux, luckily the tiramisu save the meal lol* yummy... wanted to catch a show, but seems like all the shows are not very updated. bought the essential oil from bodyshop, the one that attracted us into the shop along scotts...and a pack of candle. well, its really refreshing and relaxing... took a bus home , long journey, half the time we are wondering where on earth we are....panicky! wonderful, reached home finally, but along the way as we passby gv, i still thot of watching movie... baby says no ...okie..*pouts*.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Gurls party @ WN

went to the party and realised that I left the hp at home, couldnt contact moi friends. luckily bb has one of their no. but Jess cant turn up, guess something cropped up. While queuing at the reception, saw someone at the end of the line...gosh, the agent. well, guess I'm there to enjoy.
was too packed in there, cant find ham. and her gf. orite finally got them, baby when to say hi to the agent while I chat abit with ham. show started, we were standing at the prominent prosition the the camera man was rite infront of us, oh no! feeling camera shy for the first time of moi life.. Baby's so gutsy, she volunteered to go up on stage for the quiz and won a pair of tix for the preview in June. gosh the people standing behind us were totally rude, swearing non stop when the mc interviwed the past years winners. show ended we went out to catch some fresh air and decided to call angela out for a cuppa, she is not free thou' , hmm...out at bintan resort enjoying honeymoon with the new gal... suddenly thought of scouting for the eskibar since we are around there. long long walk, cant find, sat down at a coffeeshop for a drink and beef e-mee. the weirda gent msg bb, ask her for cigg? wtf, then we walked back to WN, along the way back FOUND IT! the eskibar is just around the corner of the street. the staffs were quite friendly, invite us to take a look inside thou' they are preparing to close. explain the diff section of the bar... I will be back! when I gather some kakis and dress appropriately for the temperature hahaa...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Thoughts to Ponder - Moi Life..

Decisions. One wrong move and game's over. One right move and it's Check mate. When will we ever know what is the right and wrong? Through experience? But all experiences are different. Through divine intervention? That's when we leave all our cares to Almighty and he'd take full charge of our problems and turn dark skies into bright, sunny days.

Can a person actually take full control of their lives? Alter their destiny? Is man strong enough to do such as that?

Everyone including the person of highest authority is created with a heart. A heart that is brought into this world clean and untainted. A heart meant to help our fellow man.

Even the strongest at heart do feel down at times. Whom do they turn to? psychiatrist? What happened to their fellow comrades.

Or does statute create such a barrier between men that the word 'Trust' should long have been omitted from the dictionary?

Gone were the days we could prance around bare footed in the open field of life.
Smelling the musky morning air, sweet and innocent flowers and the leaves as they shy away from the stroke of our fingers...mimosa (i remember science

Who will sing for me? who will dance for me? Paint the colours of the world for me?

hold me close to your heart.........

That is my remorsing Life.