Friday, May 20, 2005

Falling Sick...

I don't know how others feel when they fall sick, might be a flu , coughs, fever or some external injuries. I feel the a sick person really need lots of attention from the people around.. Especially love one. For the past few weeks have been coughing, struggling with my asthma, phegm and the sore throat that goes on and off... put aside all the medicine thats in line for me from the various GP that I consulted these few weeks, I feel like the most fortunate person on Earth, being showered with lotsa TLC from mummy, and Bb... *coughs* Well, back to reality, I want to recover soon, the coughs makes me have unrest nights and lost all my appetites coz I simply can't taste a thing, everything taste so blend to me ... and the worse has yet to come, hope I wont have to experience the asthmatic days once upon a time..... imagine walking a distance from the room to the loo makes me feel like just finish a 2.4km run...catching my breathe ~

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