Friday, May 13, 2005

Gurls party @ WN

went to the party and realised that I left the hp at home, couldnt contact moi friends. luckily bb has one of their no. but Jess cant turn up, guess something cropped up. While queuing at the reception, saw someone at the end of the line...gosh, the agent. well, guess I'm there to enjoy.
was too packed in there, cant find ham. and her gf. orite finally got them, baby when to say hi to the agent while I chat abit with ham. show started, we were standing at the prominent prosition the the camera man was rite infront of us, oh no! feeling camera shy for the first time of moi life.. Baby's so gutsy, she volunteered to go up on stage for the quiz and won a pair of tix for the preview in June. gosh the people standing behind us were totally rude, swearing non stop when the mc interviwed the past years winners. show ended we went out to catch some fresh air and decided to call angela out for a cuppa, she is not free thou' , hmm...out at bintan resort enjoying honeymoon with the new gal... suddenly thought of scouting for the eskibar since we are around there. long long walk, cant find, sat down at a coffeeshop for a drink and beef e-mee. the weirda gent msg bb, ask her for cigg? wtf, then we walked back to WN, along the way back FOUND IT! the eskibar is just around the corner of the street. the staffs were quite friendly, invite us to take a look inside thou' they are preparing to close. explain the diff section of the bar... I will be back! when I gather some kakis and dress appropriately for the temperature hahaa...

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