Thursday, May 26, 2005

Interview at SC Bank

Got up really early, pack my stuff, wash up, makeup and do whatever before I head for that interview in the afternoon. Sitting in the cab, enjoying the view along the road as I slowly enter a dreamy setting.... I wonder why am I still in the search for job. Is there a problem somewhere in me ? friends and close ones keep prompting me about job. job, job...I'll want to be like them, busy working and filling up their time, working out the brain. I feel a little ashamed to meet up with my ex-classmates and buddies at times, saving my face when the topic revolves around work and money. The interview like a routine that I have to go through every once in a blue moon, will end by saying "we'll contact you soon, thanks for coming ". Well 90% will not call, isnt it a polite way of getting me outta the premise? Wander around the library after returning the books... browsed around and finally got 2 brain-xercise books and 2 story books. Hope they will keep me occupoed other then sitting infront of the computer all day, browsing the job sites and classified jobs everyday, been a routine for months. Time really fly, by the time I reached home its near dusk, open the letterbox to see if there is any replies from those numerous resumes that I've sent out. no luck, just a few bills and bank statements... Share my thoughts with Bb as we play literati... yaddle over the phone, was feeling drowsy when suddenly she plonk me a question " do you think you'll be happier without me in your life? or the one in your life is someone else?" I ponder for a moment, thinking about the mishaps that happened to friends around me...I kept silent...nope..why did she ask? time to recharge myself, good night..

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