Saturday, May 14, 2005

mobile phone amnesia

baby's phone suffer amnesia, guess she stuffed it with too much stress. Got to rush to nokia care centre at woodlands. wow! a big crowd...hmm, nokia having some problem? then I decided to go window shopping while baby wait for her turn. got an express manicure and had dinner at mos burger... eeek! the seafood burger really sux, luckily the tiramisu save the meal lol* yummy... wanted to catch a show, but seems like all the shows are not very updated. bought the essential oil from bodyshop, the one that attracted us into the shop along scotts...and a pack of candle. well, its really refreshing and relaxing... took a bus home , long journey, half the time we are wondering where on earth we are....panicky! wonderful, reached home finally, but along the way as we passby gv, i still thot of watching movie... baby says no ...okie..*pouts*.

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