Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Nostalgic Concert

Meet Arl today at bugis, the lazying cafe that I frequent ...all time favourites, thanks to Kel that introduce brought us there the 1st time... talke about the poly dazes and some updates about some shocking news she heard about a gal from our course that is getting married soon coz of shotgun....sighz...her life is mono too, taking up extra job during the weekends to fill up her time.
Then got to know that her comp is looking for a temp admin to help up in some ad-hoc duties, well, decided to give it a try as I wait for the gov side to reply.

Guessed its fate that we can attend this concert, a very last minute additional seats to that concert. Its not particularly gimmicky or "happening" concert. Brings back lots of memories and triggers lots of emotions... sad, love, loniliness.. the songs, lyrics that made us all pick up some little thoughts as he sing and tell the story behind each songs. Somehow, all these feelings sort of relates to the music flow, the notes carries a certain part of my memories... like the death of someone close, those childhood days drama sitcoms, the loneliness when I'm away from home, the neglected feeling when u love someone, the foolishness at certain point of life, the hurt the pain .. goes on and on....suddenly feel like having someone to hold my hands, look into my eyes and smile.

After the concert, took a cab to Geylang to have supper, the famous "you-tiao da wang" ordered a table full of food and start munching with Baby and LW... they were dicussing about handphones applications and models...and continued the chat as we move from that eatery to another coffeeshop. talked about going KL in june with some M'sian...then LW shared her experiences of pop & shake thingy...gosh~ surprised* by the way she illustrated is so funny lol*
Yawnz* tired after the chat, took cab home, stayed over at Kallg but seems I'm disturbing. sorry.

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