Monday, May 30, 2005

Papa's Birthday

Dad open the pressie after work, gald that he liked the yellow shirt...wear it for dinner.. lol abit over dressed, nevermind, his birthday must be special huh.. had thai food, the servings of each dishes seems alittle to small for us, in the end we ordered 2nd round *opps*:
Fish, Cuttlefish, Fish maw soup, Baby KaiLan, Fried Thai Glass Noodle, Pineapple Rice..thats the spread for dinner... Shop around the complex until Dad stop at the massagging chair roadshow, the sales person invited him ttill Dad cut the cake... o try, Mum dint dare to try, we bring her shop around while Dad enjoy his full body massage...9.30pm...Papa~ we already finish shopping, are u done ~ came home and have the singing and cutting cake session... poor doggie, eyeing on the cake the very minute I brought it out from the fridge... oh no! the fruit toppings is making cutting cake a challenging task... Before I solve the cake part, Mum and Dad already busy withthe durians...sob* took me long time to distribute the cakes, coz half the time I'm busy watching tv.. thats all for today.. *yawns*

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