Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Thoughts to Ponder - Moi Life..

Decisions. One wrong move and game's over. One right move and it's Check mate. When will we ever know what is the right and wrong? Through experience? But all experiences are different. Through divine intervention? That's when we leave all our cares to Almighty and he'd take full charge of our problems and turn dark skies into bright, sunny days.

Can a person actually take full control of their lives? Alter their destiny? Is man strong enough to do such as that?

Everyone including the person of highest authority is created with a heart. A heart that is brought into this world clean and untainted. A heart meant to help our fellow man.

Even the strongest at heart do feel down at times. Whom do they turn to? psychiatrist? What happened to their fellow comrades.

Or does statute create such a barrier between men that the word 'Trust' should long have been omitted from the dictionary?

Gone were the days we could prance around bare footed in the open field of life.
Smelling the musky morning air, sweet and innocent flowers and the leaves as they shy away from the stroke of our fingers...mimosa (i remember science

Who will sing for me? who will dance for me? Paint the colours of the world for me?

hold me close to your heart.........

That is my remorsing Life.

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