Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Distant Friendships

Was woken up by doggie early in the morning. Coghing like crazy, in a daze I drank 1/2 bottle of the cough syrup, thats about 50ml. Meet Bb at Cent Sq to repair Dad's Samsung phone in the evening. had dinner at the foodcourt, Bb ordered curry chicken rice. I have no appetite after the cough syrup took effect, I feel myself very tired and every movement seems very slow... After dinner, shopped around the complex and Bb discovered that her styllus is missing from her phone, must have dropped somewhere at the food court earlier on. Her mood change totally and started finding faults with me about other stuffs....Gosh what to do ? later going to Fisherman V to meet Bb butch friendS at an unknow guy friend's party. Reached there about 9-10pm play at the swing before Bb called the Butch and we are like attending some alien's Bdae, guessed the Bdae boy must be real rich.... there's DJ spinning his favorite tracks, a buffet (ended by teh time we reached) a few tables of friends (drinks on the bdae boy)...Mgo Hmm... Thot that he's a gay, coz his face's "full-dress" anyway, was intro to a few pple: Eln, Jlyn & Emi (couple), Irne, Jonthn (a guy from The US), Uncle Joe, Dn (aka as T**H**Y****, always find her familiar, like one of my ex-band mem.), T-ramizu(lind) and a gal who drove us but dint join us? (weird?), one of the dj that sings real well (her voice seems like echoing on its own without any mic). Most of the pple left after 2-3am.... we stayed to wait for T-ramizu to knock off lucky fng was there, I know that Bb will go gaga, so all the time I was chatting and drinking beer with fng , while Bb played big2 PR with her new frds..etc. More pple got drunk...and started the sex topic...and the couple started kissing in demand of the crowd, free show ... laugh and tease and drama until about 4pm butch, Bb & me, Fng stayed over at Dn's place @ Compassvale...showed us her ex's photo and the traces of memories in her room....always wanted to ask her whether she is from NB Band, but I forgot her name, Hui-something.... I fall asleep the rest of them still playing and teasing the 19yo tall gal .... thats really call a pack of "wolves"... wake up in the morning, took a cab back to yishun with BB and the butch. Guess its time that I can sms some buddies to confirm Dn's name....I got it. Had breakky at the kopi shop then Bb & the butch started sharing experiences...zzzzz.. Dn called Bb, and Bb ask her, "oei r u frm Nb? in band ; flute n percussion? my gf think u r her junior.... *erm....* then Bb passed the phone to me...1st thing I hear "Hi senior..." thats life, always round and colourful...

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