Friday, June 10, 2005

Fast Fordwarded

Everythings seems fresh and interesting with a new bunch of people... for me I got to know them few days after baby know them from the same channel online...been hanging out together since we met at FV..

Dn and Tra soon become a couple, is that crush or fast pace of the young ones? they broke up in 3 days..that was fast huh? Dn got quite disturb by Tra stickiness and the huanting endless smses... Dn and Eln meet us for a badminton session at the court alot and got to know their heroic history....been in the same sch as Dn, and she kip calling me snr...I didnt know that she is such a fight...gangster is that the right word?

CTna, a mysterous one... keep saying that she is not rich, but always see her driving different cars and she will ask "whats the plan today?" almost everyday since we met...she claim that she like feminine gals, claims that she is "1/2 andro" is there such a label? well, she dun look like one.. she is rather selective when choosing the person to talk,the word they use is "small talk" (something new to me) , I wonder why it must be my Baby..ya I'm jealous so what, I've the right to feel that way orite? Can you imagine my Baby willing to travel out a long way to meet her for dinner (alone), full of excuses! ... *stop me please* may say that I think too much but I still feel that she is not that simple.

Eln, she simply like the wrg person, and that person she like take her for granted. *knocks* why is she so gaga over a "player" one that attracts so much attention and order her around like a maid....she is oso another one with lotsa street fighter history to share...aiyo~

Who should I talk about next? Hmmm... Fng, she hang out with us often too...Well, the reason is still gals, the wrong one thot'....the gal is the gf of the one that Elna is admiring..seems abit complicated ...sighz..anyway this is how it goes for the moment.

seems like a bunch of women troubles huh?

Baby, seems happier after knowing this group of friends...I admit that Im still as possessive as ever, thats me ya? But I m glad that I got to know wats happening ...I know its not 100%, minus the "politics" among them, the private "small talks" ...I wonder how much I've missed out...

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