Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy Shopping

Been hanging out around town after work... though I feel totally exhausted after whole day handling those freaky calls... just wanted to get a perfect gife for Bb.. can't decide what to buy coz' I feel like buying so many things for her... her Bdae, Hmmm..seems like I'm more excited :)
Just few days ago, I attended a school mate 21st Bday party... Well, good time to catch up with the old friends... thought her house is filling up, almost heating up , feel so stuffy in there, anyway, we just self entertain, help ourselves with the food and autograph.. ok back to the shopping part... after all these days of picky choosy shopping, I finally decided to get the bag.. look sleek and minimal, hope she like it and the 2nd gift is a 2 piece swim suit (seems like she is into sun-tanning these guess its a great gift)... body hugging one huh *winks* the last one ....*ta-dah* I won't tell 1st, coz' I haven't give :p (Make a wish..)

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