Saturday, July 9, 2005

Lost in Time

forgotten when was the last time I blog.. currently I'm working as CSO.. suppose to be a temp job, awaiting for the HR people to process my application for the actual job that I applied for.. what takes them so long huh? well, I was supecting that its a scam.. when I started working there, realised that they really need staff urgently, many of them leaving ...sighz..
Not too bad thought.. I was attached to an experienced CSO, listening to how she handle enquiries, complaints etc. Then was put to the test.. last hour of the day, I was ask to attend to calls.. well, quite ok coz are sort of "default" calls and info are right infront of me..

No fix lunch hours.. break schedules are planned everyday, sometimes earlier like 11am or as late as 2.30pm... so wise advice from my "trainner": stock some bites so that u can munch if u get late lunch or, pre-matured lunch... Gosh! like that I will grow fat leh...sit there all day, still eat ? the only time that I get to stand is to the loo and taking MRT..

I feel that a day is so short after I start working.. not mentioning the time spend in the office... how many hours left to enjoy life? even so the first thing that come to mind is "zzzzz..." Weekends' really precious ... Not able to stay at home for the weekdays coz its really too tedious to travel from home... decided to move to Baby' least I won't have to change at Jurong East stn. So I was thinking ...weekend is for my family... feeling very guilty everytime Mum or Sis called after my work to ask about me... "how is work, is the people good to u, when r u coming home, wat did u have for lunch...etc ?"

Planning to save up , coz I really have so many dreams to fulfill.. save up to travel the world (one at a time of course, hopfully once a year), save for a degree in psychology and management, save for a *vroom* car, save for my own nest.. alr visualising the decor and theme for my own for Mum and Dad retiring.... .... erm.. am I out of track?

Entries above is not sorted according to time...
I'm abit lost , forgotten wich come first haha*

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