Monday, August 29, 2005

she's Physically fine..then?

took a cab down to ttsh, what a major jam, the cabby say that its the same everywhere ard singapore at this hour... lucky I got a cabby that is so understanding, yup... but abit yaya-papaya about his driving skills...keep boasting that if he cant cut thru his way then nobody else can, coz he has been driving on the road all they long...he's the pro... then he started yadah about his acheivements of getting from one end of Spore to the other during peak hours within XX-minutes... I appreciate his understanding that I am rushing, but sorry I am not paying attention to his story, I am too tired. I simply nodded my head and sounded like its interesting with a few "wah...uhuh...isits...hahaha...oh~" anyway he charged me $10 no doubt the total is $12.30 excld the peak hour charge.

I reach the ward, bb's mum seems like a little angry child, keep pesering the nurse that she want to be discharged, poor nurse... and she started to throw her tantrum at the Indian nurse, she speaks in tamil, better not be something nasty, can see that the nurse is abit embarrassed. sorry, guess she gotta be pro and used to difficult folks like her... Then she claimed that the food sux, so I bought her some fish porridge and water-melon juice from the foodcourt... feed her and coax her to eat more like a little child...Bb is running late, the visitation hour is ending in fast ya? I keep finding reasons, until I give up ...she started to talked about planning a chalet and bbq for birthday, but..... will she be well then?

The nurse called in the morning, said that bb's mum is getting agitated..rushed to the hospital...blood stains on the bed linen and her clothes...guess she must have struggled with the nurses... as expected, the nurse describe: challenged nurses with the chair....but when we reach she is perfectly calm, still telling us her plan for her birthday chalet bbq and ktv..inviting my family... I feel have mix feelings to her plannings...sad? excited?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why is the week so long?

The week seems never ending, work is so hectic, people are taking mc and leaves as and when they like, think I am going crazy with the kind of custmers...arghz* dad and sis fetch me from work...totally exhausted , almost falling asleep on the way home.zzzzz.. thats how tired I feel. friday? are u coming soon?

Bad news came in the evening, Baby called, her mum is making a scene again..why is she so stubborn...sometimes I just couldn't get her...refuse to do the right thing.. doctor's advices are down the drain. Knew that her illness will relapse someday, just duno when will it be.. was brought to ttsh again by the ambulance. wanted to go down but baby said its alright, I really feel her stress, with the roller coaster ride her mum is giving her... shall pay her a visit tmr, she how it goes...

meanwhile I'll just keep bb company by smsing her...did I just fall asleep somewhere? I sorry, I am too tired. glad everything is fine.

ps: Baby hang on there... I'll always be there for you..

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Weekend over at JB

started a fine sunny morning as we set of from home... as we were travelling in the train..a sudden downpour..gosh is this trip gonna be called off or what... fen still stuck in the neighbourhood... well, might as well catch our breakky at CWP and change some ringgit.
decided to meet at the checkpoint then... gosh long queue over at the M'sia custom...what duh! so many "non-existence" lines...what a rotten luck that we're in one of those.. took almost an hour just to get our passport chopped. arghz totally inefficient...

Shopped ard at CSq.. nothing much to buy..the instead I am having alot of and more food...what did I eat? Bk in the morning...1 hour plus later, portguese chicken and egg tart, Mcfurry oreos, kfc over at HInn Plz..then a sumptious spread at Dama Grd...stingray, satay, fried kway teow, chilli crab, mantou, veg, 2 mug of sugarcane juice...*yummy* oh-oh gonna gain a couple of kilos , at this rate I'm eating.

Bought some shows too... adding to our collection is the L word...totally drama, sexy ...and a few other hk comedies..thats what we'll be doing for the next few weekends...watching DVDs..

The way back is faster compared to the morning when we queue like 1 hour , this time we cut our way thru, walah~ so proud of my skills haahah*

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Congrats to me, myself and I..... guessed I've fufilled my 1st resolution in a stable income...might not be alot but still, I'm still holding on to it... Next step to get my 1st degree...I'm in a dilemma in deciding which one to take: a double major (Business & Psychology) or a concentration of Psychology? I'm afraid to make the wrong move... Asked opinions of many people, thou' I've already have an answer for myself..just need some assurance.

Its going to a big change if I pursue my degree...for the moment, what I can think of is the saving I say my income is not alot, so there I go..gonna be savvy in some ways..Dad, would you fetch me after work...heheehe~

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Meeting Old Friends

I am not good at wine tasting... but I truly believe that old friends are like vintage wine.. even not seeing each other for some time we still have the bond... the taste of good old times...

Been meeting up with some secondary school kakis... the band , the class, the recess and before/after school gossipy kakis...*winkz*5 peeps meet @ Bugis, seems like all of us still in common topic...the current topic "work", "money" and "who is getting married next huh? are u going to the wedding banquet?" I brought them to my fav hangout cafe after dinner... everyone's reaction seems the same..the lazying-falling-asleep mode. shall catch up again coz my mistake to mix 2 diff "genre" togather.... Second meet out was Friday, meet @ Yishun, had dinner and watched "7 sword"..

Thursday, August 4, 2005


Received 2 similiar news from 2 is my current co. and the other one later via phone. been temp for 1 month at Company A, temp pay really sux, cant even live a normal live with that miserable amount, while I was browsing online for job openings, I got an internal call from the HR section, asking me to go for interview on Thursday... Well, is that God's reply? I was happy for a while until I checked my email - got an email from Company B to go for interview next Monday... I am caught in a dilemma.

On the day of Company A interview, 4 of us (the temp) were kind of nervous, awaiting for the interview after our lunch... I am the 1st to be called up. Got my documents verified and was asked to sit and wait...supposed I'm on time, waited 30min before i faced the panel of interviewers (3 of them - the mgr, the head, the hr)....*gRroooob* and the question is to tell them about my previous work experience and how do I find the current working environment and scope after all these time being temp? well, guess I dint arrange my "speech" very well, half the time I realised that my sentence construction is a mess... and i stumbbled...

After the interview , I m back to the office, everyone keep asking me "hw is it? how many people, what question they ask..etc" , then started comparing how their interview were like when they started there... the office market place... then my colleage is next to go...I wish her like and she came down looking exactly the way i look few minutes ago... *winks* icy cold hands.

We dint ask much about the term of employment... having a small gathering at the pantry when the mgr pops his head in and casually ask, "are u all orite with 2 years contract?"... we got a shock and puzzled look, then *nods* ... B-L-A-N-K.. what does it suppose to mean? no one knows if we are in or not...

I am still thinking whether to go for Company B interview on Monday... any comments? i need some advices...