Sunday, August 7, 2005

Meeting Old Friends

I am not good at wine tasting... but I truly believe that old friends are like vintage wine.. even not seeing each other for some time we still have the bond... the taste of good old times...

Been meeting up with some secondary school kakis... the band , the class, the recess and before/after school gossipy kakis...*winkz*5 peeps meet @ Bugis, seems like all of us still in common topic...the current topic "work", "money" and "who is getting married next huh? are u going to the wedding banquet?" I brought them to my fav hangout cafe after dinner... everyone's reaction seems the same..the lazying-falling-asleep mode. shall catch up again coz my mistake to mix 2 diff "genre" togather.... Second meet out was Friday, meet @ Yishun, had dinner and watched "7 sword"..

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