Monday, August 29, 2005

she's Physically fine..then?

took a cab down to ttsh, what a major jam, the cabby say that its the same everywhere ard singapore at this hour... lucky I got a cabby that is so understanding, yup... but abit yaya-papaya about his driving skills...keep boasting that if he cant cut thru his way then nobody else can, coz he has been driving on the road all they long...he's the pro... then he started yadah about his acheivements of getting from one end of Spore to the other during peak hours within XX-minutes... I appreciate his understanding that I am rushing, but sorry I am not paying attention to his story, I am too tired. I simply nodded my head and sounded like its interesting with a few "wah...uhuh...isits...hahaha...oh~" anyway he charged me $10 no doubt the total is $12.30 excld the peak hour charge.

I reach the ward, bb's mum seems like a little angry child, keep pesering the nurse that she want to be discharged, poor nurse... and she started to throw her tantrum at the Indian nurse, she speaks in tamil, better not be something nasty, can see that the nurse is abit embarrassed. sorry, guess she gotta be pro and used to difficult folks like her... Then she claimed that the food sux, so I bought her some fish porridge and water-melon juice from the foodcourt... feed her and coax her to eat more like a little child...Bb is running late, the visitation hour is ending in fast ya? I keep finding reasons, until I give up ...she started to talked about planning a chalet and bbq for birthday, but..... will she be well then?

The nurse called in the morning, said that bb's mum is getting agitated..rushed to the hospital...blood stains on the bed linen and her clothes...guess she must have struggled with the nurses... as expected, the nurse describe: challenged nurses with the chair....but when we reach she is perfectly calm, still telling us her plan for her birthday chalet bbq and ktv..inviting my family... I feel have mix feelings to her plannings...sad? excited?

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