Saturday, August 20, 2005

Weekend over at JB

started a fine sunny morning as we set of from home... as we were travelling in the train..a sudden downpour..gosh is this trip gonna be called off or what... fen still stuck in the neighbourhood... well, might as well catch our breakky at CWP and change some ringgit.
decided to meet at the checkpoint then... gosh long queue over at the M'sia custom...what duh! so many "non-existence" lines...what a rotten luck that we're in one of those.. took almost an hour just to get our passport chopped. arghz totally inefficient...

Shopped ard at CSq.. nothing much to buy..the instead I am having alot of and more food...what did I eat? Bk in the morning...1 hour plus later, portguese chicken and egg tart, Mcfurry oreos, kfc over at HInn Plz..then a sumptious spread at Dama Grd...stingray, satay, fried kway teow, chilli crab, mantou, veg, 2 mug of sugarcane juice...*yummy* oh-oh gonna gain a couple of kilos , at this rate I'm eating.

Bought some shows too... adding to our collection is the L word...totally drama, sexy ...and a few other hk comedies..thats what we'll be doing for the next few weekends...watching DVDs..

The way back is faster compared to the morning when we queue like 1 hour , this time we cut our way thru, walah~ so proud of my skills haahah*

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