Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why is the week so long?

The week seems never ending, work is so hectic, people are taking mc and leaves as and when they like, think I am going crazy with the kind of custmers...arghz* dad and sis fetch me from work...totally exhausted , almost falling asleep on the way home.zzzzz.. thats how tired I feel. friday? are u coming soon?

Bad news came in the evening, Baby called, her mum is making a scene again..why is she so stubborn...sometimes I just couldn't get her...refuse to do the right thing.. doctor's advices are down the drain. Knew that her illness will relapse someday, just duno when will it be.. was brought to ttsh again by the ambulance. wanted to go down but baby said its alright, I really feel her stress, with the roller coaster ride her mum is giving her... shall pay her a visit tmr, she how it goes...

meanwhile I'll just keep bb company by smsing her...did I just fall asleep somewhere? I sorry, I am too tired. glad everything is fine.

ps: Baby hang on there... I'll always be there for you..

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