Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Is this the character of Arian? I'm starting to get sick of my job? boring and earning little. at this rate when will my dream come true? been posted to differnt places, that's what they call cross-training, so that whenever they needed manpower we will all be ready to help. been months, serving on the phone, thru mails, over the counter...different media but still the same nasty customers... coming up with the most absurt and unreasonable request. complaints.. demoralised ... caught with a flu ...still gotta present myself with a smile, cool huh? after the day , I feel like a deadfish ... no extra energy to do anything... except to sleep. everyday I've been thinking, what did I master at the end of the day? smile? be an agent to the customers? bounced around like a ball... arghz! I need more than that.

Monday, October 3, 2005

I'm Back..

my last entry 2 Sept...been so long that I didn't jot down my thoughts.. or maybe I spent too much time thinking that I have no time to write? okie I'm lying... I think I am quite stom\ned for the pass few weeks..

maybe I'll start from the recent ones...

went to Ann's 21st Birthday, hmm... re-calling my 21st back in Perth.. guess she is more fortunate. she has friends and family around to spend this special day with. back then, I invited many people too, but guess they down fall into any categories of friends... maybe some merry-makers. I missed my family, my bb and my friends in Singapore... I saw Irn, but she was just smiling at me, is that a formality? then forget it...Sis was bored, after Fen arrive , she went over to CS to her friend's chalet, I should have stopped her...dun really have gd impression of those friends of hers... sabotage her sec sch days.. We sort of hogged the table..hahaha. 1 pudding after another... my nose just dint work that day, everything sounded so muffled (till today) I'm stuffed up. Ann seem really happy, she came over to give her "thank you" speech... we are just not used to it, at least I am speaking for myself... save that formal stuffs .. I prefer casual.

Before that ....*thinking* I spend time cleaning up at Kallang... cleaniness-freak of me really make me mad #$%^&*() or did I missed out some things?

I remeber I watched a movie somewhere.. oh watched "be with me".. short-short movie... all the people doesn't link... admire the courage of theresa, she live life to the fullest althought she is blind and deaf. whereas some people just take their own life for someone that is not worth it.

I just converted to perm recently, life isnt that good afterall... some people in the office just pick the name of the boss to order people around without asking permission. I was put to watch a charity show unwillingly, just because of her "Boss say...." boot licker !

I enrolled myself to a part-time degree... will commerce in Jan next year... hope I can manage... with the miserable pay.

Bb has been over-worked with the demanding customers and superiors... well,I can only help in ways that I can... sometimes I get moody coz I am too tired... can't think of anythink to boost myself....