Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Is this the character of Arian? I'm starting to get sick of my job? boring and earning little. at this rate when will my dream come true? been posted to differnt places, that's what they call cross-training, so that whenever they needed manpower we will all be ready to help. been months, serving on the phone, thru mails, over the counter...different media but still the same nasty customers... coming up with the most absurt and unreasonable request. complaints.. demoralised ... caught with a flu ...still gotta present myself with a smile, cool huh? after the day , I feel like a deadfish ... no extra energy to do anything... except to sleep. everyday I've been thinking, what did I master at the end of the day? smile? be an agent to the customers? bounced around like a ball... arghz! I need more than that.

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