Saturday, November 5, 2005

"Ladies Fall-in"

After OS meet gals at Cityhall... well, Ping is late, so we proceed to the place she suggested... ordered food while we wait for her...she took a long time to make her way from Citylink to beach road, every few mins I'll take a look at the exit...wonder why she is not her yet... 30mins? i think so dint really time. everything taste yummy, just one of the dish "veg, mushroom omelette" (imagine greenish omelette) *blurp* actually very full already..anyway lemme finish up the description of the "veg, mushroom omelette": smell like stinky tofu, taste like bitting on finely chopped veg, cant tell what veg is that... look like mouldy fried carrot cake (green).. hmm like what SL say : a really healthy food... sorry Ping I tried my best to glup 4 pcs already. Mei is stuck at work, poor gal, we bug and persude her to come after her work ... by the time she rush down to Citylink TCC , its ard 9am, being bombarded by questions abt her bf. Poor Baby @ home, must be really bored... Its quite a fine gathering... on the way home, we ballot for the x'mas pressie xchange & venue (final: Chalet) out of Paris Buffet, Hotel, Cafe Cartel, Chalet.. Yawnz... really tired, gotta work on Saturday again...

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