Sunday, January 29, 2006

CNY Eve - Reunion Dinner

Reunion dinner at Granny's house.. sis brought Cookie there, all my little cousins were so excited that my aunties had hard time feeding their kids... It always steamboat and some roasted meat...the steamboat is getting bigger every year...well, its a good sign huh. an assortment of raw 'delicacies' all chopped up and ready to cook in the mix dishes of wonderfully yummy treats. ( fish balls, prawn paste balls, cuttlefish (squid), cockles , clear seaweed, fish, quil eggs, and pork meat , liver, veg, abalone..etc) . Its different from having commercialised steamboat coz at Granny's house everyone just plops down our chopsticks into the steamboat pot (after everybody is seated at the dining area) ... So pardon me if it slips my mind when I have steamboat outside... :)

My cousin's already in sec 1 already... wow, she grow so tall...about 1.7m sighz...I am the eldest and hmm the shortie? ya, my 7 yr old cousin commented: "JieJie, you are shorter than my sis...!" (blush)... youngsters nowadays are shooting higher.. envy.. Ah-ma is really happy today, seeing all her grand-children , the house is so packed.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mobile Phones... Either..

[ Nokia N80 ]

[ O2 Atom ]

Both phones are gonna cost a bomb...

Our Anniversary: LOVE

Anniversary .. our 4th.. got an ecard from Baby... thabks, thats so sweet, maybe typed in a rush huh? some errors..

Baby is too tired to move her butts, so we have a simple steamboat dinner at home. well, she gonna have the same spread of food for reunion.. No pressie.. just eat and watch tv. finally gotta watch the 9pm show.

Quote from a blog... hmmm... its how I feel too.. how sad huh?

It's hard to find,
When you meet, you are blind...
Find out more when you get together,
So sweet and cheerful, you thought it's gonna last forever...
Then both of you became one,
Soon you realise there's less fun...
Less love, less sparks, less care and less everything that you feel down...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


arghz 7am already?!!!!!Don't know what is wrong with me, can't sleep the whole night. ok, its the pre-CNY syndrome? I'm not very enthusiastic about CNY, infact I am quite sick of it... dun have the mood to shop for "New" clothings...quite lame actually, coz the retails are putting all the passe stuffs in stores, and gotta get something RED...oh no...

sick of the challenging questions that the relatives will ask every year, the same questions or maybe something new; "how old are you... where's your boyfriend?ah-xxxx(cousin) getting married leh,when are you getting married?..where are u working now?..earning how much?....blah, blah, blah...etc". Fxxx it! can I just bee myself?! I would love to bring Baby along, show them my "desired life"...any tell them Hey its been 4 years and I am happy ya know?

I am actually thinking of how to help Baby up with the reunion dinner(when? what?), havent clean up my own room yet...when should I do my manicure with all these undone? hmmm.. Its gonna be our 4th year anniversary in less than 24 hours.. saw that rainbow ring($80*) at bugis point..(managed to find the picture via search engine):
quite like it although its not the cartier trinity ring ($3K)... sobz..I'm so broke..

Monday, January 23, 2006

Chinese New Year Goodies

This year's CNY preparation is slightly different... Called up the pet groomer for appointment to groom Meiz and change the mobile plan for Baby... After that rush down to the bank to change 2-dollar notes for angbao..and then to PP to shop for goodies.

Supposed to shop for some clothings and some veg, in the end I only managed to get the gifts for my parents and for Baby's grandma. too heavy. can sharkfin and fo-tiao-qiang, 1 box of yu-sheng, Rocher, gift boxes (contains: Chinese mushroom, red-dates, white fugus, cookies, nuts ... etc.) and some tibits for Baby to bring to her workplace.

I went on a 2nd trip to the super-market again to get some frozen food, and asked the cashier about the different between the can Abalone, I got 3 cans of the more expensive one, hope it will taste better.

I couldn't get my way to the taxi stand, I stopped at Starbucks and wait for BAby to knock off from work and we had dinner at kfc. after that saw a cooker and it's ideal for a small family, Baby bought it and the reunion dinner problem is solved...brilliant!

The queue is super long at the taxi stand and we waited 30 minutes for a cab. arrived at the void deck, we have a big problem carrying the stuffs upstairs... over load... opps..

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sec Gals Gathering

This time only Jenn, Lynz, Jamie and Me.. Jacq and Bren counldnt make it.. one fall sick the other one posted to Changi , gotta work OT for CNY posters...Meet Jenn and Lynz at PS... Jamie was caught up in the office as usual.. poor gal, this new job is making her feel so tired, OT everyday and worse under paid.

Queue at the Japanese Rest. at the 6th level.. the queue was too long and we proceed to the Atria ...a western kinna like a pub to me...well the 1st impression is really deceiving, the menu doesn't look appealing , (no photos, just photo-stated papers binded togather), I ordered carbonara penne (dry and hard...the bacon tasted the chinese cai-po) and mango smoothie (tasted like prune juice). That place is outta my list , yucks!!! Jamie's still not here after we completed our dinner , waited for her outside PS and she wanted to eat @ NYDC. Dear gal should have told us earlier huh...anyway, it was all worthwhile , the cakes @ NYDC's fantastic, I had the chocolaty ugly cake with Double chocolate ice-cream, topped with fudge... Ohhh~ its simply heaven.. opps~ forget about dieting *hahaha* ... Suddenly Jamie and I saw the same thing togather and we both laugh hysterically , and we know we are looking at the same person ... the man must have think that he is still living in Tony Leung's era... gosh! his hair and that fringe totally cannot make it...

After that we went up to the 2nd floor of Hereens to the ladies, along the escalator we bump onto Pris and Geraldine, the *sisters*, Pris still the same, but it took me sometime to recognise Geraldine...erm, she grow horizontal, maybe I'm abit out-dated about them, the gals said that she has been like this for sometime already...

Sing-Song-Sing... walked over to Cineleisure for KTV.. Jenn can't join us, the *Cinderella* have
to wake up early the next day. Ah… She kena suan after making a comment about Jamie talking on the phone with her boyfriend.. so sweet *opps* its me again :P *jealous?, can find a boyfriend if u want*... the whole table agreed with me and we had a good laugh...

Lynz and me tried to sing "ai qing bu neng zuo bi jiao" by this group Baby... hahahahah~ both of us almost fainted trying to find the right key, its always too high... Bingo ! we both sing the super low key at the same time, Hi5 gal ...

When we ask for a room, the staff say we could only sing till 2am, I was quite puzzled and feeling not very just about it, so I tried to prompt her "what time do u guys close? if I didnt remember wrgly should be till 5 or 6am right?" ... she mumbled, "oh we have got bookings sorry ..."
but at 2am, no one came for the bill,we continue singing till Jamie surrender, guess she's really tired.. Hmm.. I haven't sing enough *sobz*

Sunday, January 8, 2006

resolution (1) 省钱有理, 小气无罪

省钱有理, 小气无罪 (sheng qian you li , xiao qi wu zui.. )
I switch on the TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The frist thing that I heard is "sheng qian you li , xiao qi wu zui.." That sounds like something I ought to do huh? let's make it one of my 2006 New Year Resolution. Some $$$ saving tips from this programme:

  • Put aside 30% of income to a bank account that doesn't come with ATM card.
  • Deposit the coins at the end of the day into the piggy bank.
    (eg: 50-cent per day can save up to $15 per month. with the coins that I accummulated I guess should have more than that.)
  • only have $300 in the wallet for daily expenses per month. the rest for bills, insurance, parents and other monthly fix expenses.
  • Bring lunch box (healthy), eat dinner at home.
  • Eat out only when there is leftover cash in the wallet a day b4 salary comes..
  • can use credit card, but will deduct from the monthly $300...
    (use credit to earn points, to waiver off yearly subscription...
    therefore apply only 1 credit card, accummulate all the points)

Thats about it... other resolutions (on the way) to be continued....