Monday, January 23, 2006

Chinese New Year Goodies

This year's CNY preparation is slightly different... Called up the pet groomer for appointment to groom Meiz and change the mobile plan for Baby... After that rush down to the bank to change 2-dollar notes for angbao..and then to PP to shop for goodies.

Supposed to shop for some clothings and some veg, in the end I only managed to get the gifts for my parents and for Baby's grandma. too heavy. can sharkfin and fo-tiao-qiang, 1 box of yu-sheng, Rocher, gift boxes (contains: Chinese mushroom, red-dates, white fugus, cookies, nuts ... etc.) and some tibits for Baby to bring to her workplace.

I went on a 2nd trip to the super-market again to get some frozen food, and asked the cashier about the different between the can Abalone, I got 3 cans of the more expensive one, hope it will taste better.

I couldn't get my way to the taxi stand, I stopped at Starbucks and wait for BAby to knock off from work and we had dinner at kfc. after that saw a cooker and it's ideal for a small family, Baby bought it and the reunion dinner problem is solved...brilliant!

The queue is super long at the taxi stand and we waited 30 minutes for a cab. arrived at the void deck, we have a big problem carrying the stuffs upstairs... over load... opps..

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