Sunday, January 29, 2006

CNY Eve - Reunion Dinner

Reunion dinner at Granny's house.. sis brought Cookie there, all my little cousins were so excited that my aunties had hard time feeding their kids... It always steamboat and some roasted meat...the steamboat is getting bigger every year...well, its a good sign huh. an assortment of raw 'delicacies' all chopped up and ready to cook in the mix dishes of wonderfully yummy treats. ( fish balls, prawn paste balls, cuttlefish (squid), cockles , clear seaweed, fish, quil eggs, and pork meat , liver, veg, abalone..etc) . Its different from having commercialised steamboat coz at Granny's house everyone just plops down our chopsticks into the steamboat pot (after everybody is seated at the dining area) ... So pardon me if it slips my mind when I have steamboat outside... :)

My cousin's already in sec 1 already... wow, she grow so tall...about 1.7m sighz...I am the eldest and hmm the shortie? ya, my 7 yr old cousin commented: "JieJie, you are shorter than my sis...!" (blush)... youngsters nowadays are shooting higher.. envy.. Ah-ma is really happy today, seeing all her grand-children , the house is so packed.

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