Wednesday, January 25, 2006


arghz 7am already?!!!!!Don't know what is wrong with me, can't sleep the whole night. ok, its the pre-CNY syndrome? I'm not very enthusiastic about CNY, infact I am quite sick of it... dun have the mood to shop for "New" clothings...quite lame actually, coz the retails are putting all the passe stuffs in stores, and gotta get something RED...oh no...

sick of the challenging questions that the relatives will ask every year, the same questions or maybe something new; "how old are you... where's your boyfriend?ah-xxxx(cousin) getting married leh,when are you getting married?..where are u working now?..earning how much?....blah, blah, blah...etc". Fxxx it! can I just bee myself?! I would love to bring Baby along, show them my "desired life"...any tell them Hey its been 4 years and I am happy ya know?

I am actually thinking of how to help Baby up with the reunion dinner(when? what?), havent clean up my own room yet...when should I do my manicure with all these undone? hmmm.. Its gonna be our 4th year anniversary in less than 24 hours.. saw that rainbow ring($80*) at bugis point..(managed to find the picture via search engine):
quite like it although its not the cartier trinity ring ($3K)... sobz..I'm so broke..

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