Sunday, January 8, 2006

resolution (1) 省钱有理, 小气无罪

省钱有理, 小气无罪 (sheng qian you li , xiao qi wu zui.. )
I switch on the TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The frist thing that I heard is "sheng qian you li , xiao qi wu zui.." That sounds like something I ought to do huh? let's make it one of my 2006 New Year Resolution. Some $$$ saving tips from this programme:

  • Put aside 30% of income to a bank account that doesn't come with ATM card.
  • Deposit the coins at the end of the day into the piggy bank.
    (eg: 50-cent per day can save up to $15 per month. with the coins that I accummulated I guess should have more than that.)
  • only have $300 in the wallet for daily expenses per month. the rest for bills, insurance, parents and other monthly fix expenses.
  • Bring lunch box (healthy), eat dinner at home.
  • Eat out only when there is leftover cash in the wallet a day b4 salary comes..
  • can use credit card, but will deduct from the monthly $300...
    (use credit to earn points, to waiver off yearly subscription...
    therefore apply only 1 credit card, accummulate all the points)

Thats about it... other resolutions (on the way) to be continued....

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