Tuesday, February 28, 2006


"Never regret" comes easy in life... how many times have "never regret" hurt us? (countless). But its only that makes our life complete, different and unique. Every one dream of becoming someone...to accomplish something ... Life will be a regret if you have not fulfil your dream. Giving up is the shortcut to failure, well.. there's no easy way to success I guess.

*I will, I can , I must*

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


what I wish for in a relationship:

* someone equally strong & mature
* personality compliments mine
* with positive energy & outlook of life,
* who shares the similar (but not identical) priorities
* who never fails to amaze me
* who makes me look up to without feeling small nor stupid
* who is sensitive
* who is Romentic
* who trust me
* someone whom I can trust
* who communicates & expresses herself
* who is up for planning & details
* someone with patience
* someone to lean against for support in times when I'm drained or down
* someone whom I feel proud of
* who is willing to accept me for who I am
* someone whom I can talk to & crap with


I Love you Bb

Friends In Need...

It just happened that when I logged into my fridae profile "someone" is also online and is on the ::random profile:: ... A liar indeed, I remember the last time she stay over at my house for a comforting moment after a big quarrel with her girlfriend. She asked me to logged into fridae to checkout her girlfriend's profile coz' she doesn't have an account... well, its so shocked to see with my own eyes today "femmpl....Member Since: 19 October 2003" ...

Some flash back about this person that I've known for 4 years and come to me only after quarrel with girlfriends... to her I'm just a 24-hour SOS helpline... broke up with her ex couple of months ago and she vanished into the air... no news of her and one fine day I got a "stranger" approached me on IRC, asking for a brief intro of myself and the "stranger" strewed me up with colourful languages, and logged off... a coward huh? Yes.... this not the end, this person's IP address , username is clearly display as I clicked on "whois" .... it's the friend that vanished for some time...

Back to fridae profile.... I can't helped but to drop "this person" a sacastic mail at her profile" -- quite a crude one.. maybe with some points that she should reflect upon her selfishness. Well, I'm not as generous as my Bb when it comes to giving people "benefit-of-the-doubt" ... when it comes to sincerity in friendship.. some friends are worth keeping for life, and some are simply making use of you... It tells thru' time.. need not be sticky all day long to be friend.

I've come to realise who are people who honestly deserve to be called my friends. And I'm grateful for the comfort and company of my true friends... who've listened to my gripes about my life patiently, offered listening ear and over msn and sms as well.I understand it's hard to be a trusted friend to somebody else.

For everyone who I come across as a potential friend, I've always given my all to them to help them tide through the rough patch. I've also realised that many a time, I'm but just a "habour" in their life, and they are the vessels. I am one of many stops in their journey of life and after a while, they move on, leaving me behind, ocassionally returning to say hi when they `remember'.
But I've never been dismayed with this fact.

To me, one of my main goals of life is to be the most useful habour I can be... So long as I make a difference, no matter how long/short this period of time can be. with this thought in mind, I consistently give all I have to whoever pops into my life.. I am really happy just making a difference, being the Aunt Agony, or temporary company, and help them get over the rough times.

But when I am down, I reach out for help, only to see not many reciprocate what I've given. should I be upset?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Gal's Chat (Updated)

Went to scout for Camera at SL with C&L.... Cc and me settled down at Ice M waiting for Kel and Bb...we shared a Mango Combo and started some gal's chat..

Cc asked if I had any bf before knowing Bb... Yes, but I guess I'm rather queer , not discovered until I got to know some queer buddy... and I totally lost trust in the word LOVE after several attempt to build the "perfect" relationship...

Cc made a casual comment: "Wah u and Bb's been together for4 years ... Bb was very nice to you huh? But how do you measure nice?", this makes me ponder about the measurement of "nice".I thought about it, the 1st response was to describe it in materialistic terms: hmmm... she bought me bears, bought me shoes, clothes, rings, accessories, supp-ed me her credit card, pay for my mobile phone and suscription...etc...As we talked more, we realise it is a tendency to measure "nice" in monetary terms, Cc went "wahh....she's so nice to you...."Then, we both paused and looked at each other, and the sub-conscious attempt to re-evaluate nice in other non-monetary ways...

These were our attempts *let's try*:
Bb spent a lot of time with me (we stay under one roof...doesn't it count?)...
Bb is very patient with me (....?)
Bb can be very sweet at times..... (Can be sweeter...hope so)

We ran out of ideas pretty soon... so does it really have to limit "nice" to monetary terms?

Nah...I doubt so...Bb is really nice to me, and I really appreciate all that she has done. She's got to be one of the nicest person around.

Through her, I've learnt how to give others the "benefit-of-the-doubt" (especially to FRIENDS like "uDON" and "iVy-d0r")it's unbelievable, yet she does that all the time. It's not that she's naive, she's not. She's just so nice, it's scary, and it puts all of us to shame... "Bb , open your eyes..or probably need to change a pair of specs... some people aint worth to be call friend."

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

It's the time of the year again, when roses and meals are become exceedingly expensive. Determined not to fall into stereotypical way of thinking, I hold on fiercely to the belief that V-day is just commercially over-hyped and that it's just any other day.

Somehow this year I seem to have been sucked into the mood or probably it's because I've resigned. Which brings me to another thought: shouldn't I be worried that I do not have any job in the horizon waiting for me, and that my financial resources will eventually run out? It IS worrying...but I guess there's nothing much I can do now.Anyone out there with job lobangs?

Monday, February 13, 2006

The signs

Making up is hard to do, unless you pay special attention to your love's Sun Sign. The next time you find yourself in the dog house, consider the following tips. Pretty soon, you'll be back in your beloved's arms, rather than scratching at the
back door for scraps!

Aries Wants an Apology (and Fast!)

Don't beat around the bush with forthright
Aries. Ask for their forgiveness, admit your
wrongdoing, and promise to never commit the same
mistake again. Stick to your word, because Aries has
no tolerance for broken promises. Don't wait for a
"good time" to apologize, because the Ram will jump
right back into the dating pool. A public apology
may be in order if you've wounded this lover's ego.

Taurus Is Always Right

Taurus is the most stubborn sign in the
zodiac. If the two of you have had a fight, you need
to admit that your lover was right in the first
place. Until you do, your conversations will remain
stalled. It's also good to craft a plan that will
help you deal with future conflicts in a
constructive, healthy way. That way, you will ease
the fears of your security-conscious lover.

Make Geminis Laugh

Send a funny note of apology. Nothing breaks
down Gemini's reserve like humor. If you've made a
serious error, write a heartfelt letter asking for
your lover's forgiveness and send it overnight
express. This sign admires swift, decisive action,
and won't wait by the phone for your call. If you
really want to smooth things over with this lover,
you've got to communicate. Otherwise, Gemini will
sense you are holding something back.

Tread Carefully with Cancer

Making up with Cancer requires patience,
delicacy, and tact. The Crab's feelings are easily
bruised. Don't make light of your mistakes, and
never tease them about theirs. Telling this sign
that you can't live without their love will usually
do the trick. If Cancer still pouts after your
apology, fix a home-cooked meal and fuss over their
welfare. Make more time for this lover, and listen
attentively to their concerns.

Leos Love Flattery

Flattery will get you everywhere with Leo.
Apologize profusely for your misdeeds, and declare
that you don't deserve their love. Showering this
sign with gourmet chocolates and hothouse flowers
can also do this trick. Lions love lavish tributes.
Make a greater effort to be worthy of their love by
dressing well. When Leo sees that you're trying hard
to earn their affection, they'll let you back into
their life.

Virgos Need Consideration

Clean up your language. Virgo can't stand
swears and curses. Bone up on your etiquette.
Knowing the proper thing to do will melt the
Virgin's reserve. Be on time, and tidy up your home.
This sign w ill be far more likely to accept your
apology if you clean up your act. If you want to
make a peace offering, choose a good book. Virgo
doesn't like emotional appeals; they prefer dealing
with problems on a logical front.

Pay Attention to Libras

Express more interest in Libra's activities.
Brush up on your conversational skills. Make a point
of complimenting this sign more often. Anybody who
is born under the sign of the Scales needs constant
verbal and physical assurance. Offer a formal
written and spoken apology. Libra needs to know that
you are serious about changing your ways. Make more
of an effort to keep the romance alive in your

Actions Satisfy Scorpio

Make a dramatic gesture to demonstrate your
devotion. As far as Scorpions are concerned, talk is
cheap. Only positive action will get you back into
their good graces. Whether this means breaking a bad
habit, getting help for a serious problem, or ending
ties that have undermined your relationship is
immaterial. The important thing is that you act to
satisfy Scorpio's concerns. Alw ays take this sign's
complaints seriously.

Soft and Fuzzy Sagittarius

Make a warm, affectionate peace offering.
Sagittarians love pets, and may not be able to
resist the lure of a cute puppy or kitten. Adopt a
more open mind. Archers don't obey any social
conventions, and won't enjoy being held to arbitrary
rules. Become friends with their pals. This sign
places greater emphasis on their social
relationships than their romantic ones. The sooner
you become one of the gang, the quicker you'll make

Be Honest with Capricorn

A Capricorn can spot a lie from a mile away.
If you screwed up, admit it and formulate a plan to
do better. Empty promises will get you nowhere with
this sign. Goats place great stock in material
security. Opening a savings account will demonstrate
your willingness to forge a stable future together.
Never tease a Capricorn, especially when you're
trying to make up. This sign doesn't play around !

Let it All Hang Out with Aquarius

Invite Aquarius to discuss your problems over
coffee. The Water-bearer can't resist an free
exchange of ideas. Resist getting emotional with
this sign, or you'll remain single. Don't keep any
secrets from Aquarius, or your relationship will
continue to stagnate. If you want this sign to stick
around, you've got to keep everything out in the
open. Be more open to adventure, and take the
Water-bearer's suggestions from time to time.

Super Sensitive Pisces

Throw yourself at the mercy of this
compassionate sign. Pisces can't stand to see
anybody suffer. Be less possessive and demanding.
The Fish can't stand a romance that resembles a
prison. Accept the fact that this lover is extremely
sensitive, and needs to be handled with kid glove.
Vow to be more tender and loving. Get into the habit
of expressing your love on a daily basis, not just
special occasions.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Buddy Nites out

Meet Fen in town... catch our dinner at wisma food court... so packed, walk a few round decided to share a table. I have chicken brani Fen had black pepper beef horfun.. then shop and walk around .. Dint get anything , ya my new year resolution..control my shopping habit! GOt myself a drink at the bubble tea shop...Peach Yoghurt, how come it taste like sour prune again? sighz... its ok..good for digest...

Next, proceed to Cine for K session... just the 2 of us...K concert lor...it freezing cold , the aircon really CMI leh... next time must remember to bring along a jacket *brrrr* got chased out ard 11plus...dint it suppose to be till closing ? cheaters... but for 2 of us we get medium room not bad lah.

Cross over to NYDC for cakes....wala! warm brownie with macademia nut ice-cream.. I'm loving it.. topped with my favourite choco fudge...Yummy... while fen is busy checking her Toto tickets with the results... 10 million ... if struck top prize then...hmmm... start dreaming ... opps too fattening ...better walk awhile... took NR1 from the bus stop opposite Far East... passby our new estate...the construction is not working huh? how come its still at this level?

Thursday, February 9, 2006

A gift for Love one

Went shopping for a gift... had in mind a wallet that Bb has been talking about, then relalised that the brand that she wanted is of low quality leather... shopped Suntec, City Link Mall, Raffles City Mall, BUgis Junction...seems like the wallet that I've seen are all the same ... I really dunno what is the differnce...I tried my best to note the difference and finally found one that suits her best ... Hmmm mabbe I like the feel too..Bb is still at work when I called so I went to CANC to wait for her , dropped a few sms see who is free to meet me... K & C came and we play blackjack and daidi with the poker cards... Bb came , ordered Curry chicken with bread and fish n chips... chat chill for awhile and left, decided not to wait for the other couple... it too late..

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

chou toufu...

Bb is addicted to stinky toufu after tasting it the first time at riverside pasam malam.. went to lor 41 the next day to find the store that sells chou toufu ... we have that for dinner.. hahaha..its better than the one we had the prev day. Will try the one at bugis someday.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

CNY - Day 2

Went to 2 uncle's house... he moved from Sembangwang to the estate nearer to granny's house... very convenient for him and his wifey, both of them dun have time to cook, granny welcome them to hop by for dinner.. Uncle re-shuffles the whole house, remove the walls of both bedrooms, maves the master-room more spacious. the guest room becomes the store and laundary room... wow... old flat - new look..

Then we had lunch at the coffeeshop near his house and walked over to Granny's house... the house is pack...dun need to see, can hear the noise coming from Granny's unit...

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

CNY Day 3

Went to visit Bb's family and greet them CNY... but when I reach only Bb's at home...her parents went to the nearby market-hawker. I brought Cookie along, meimei seems excited to see this familiar buddy... both of them start the chasing game again hahahahaah~ Bb's parent's came home ... after I greet them they gave me angbao... the house went slumber mode... the folk slp ... ??? ...

In the afternoon, Bb send her Mum back and Dad to Chinatown, we head Yishun...
watch Memoirs of a Geisha with BB and sis... nice show...

CNY - Day 1

First day of CNY routine has changed ever since granny passed away.. usually we will be heading Commonwealth Drive to greet her early in the morning then to maternal-granny house. Last few years, we have to ballot whose house to gather during the death anniversary of Granny then decide the venue to gather. This year its 3rd Aunty's house.... nice and simple decor.. in whites and dark glass and metal fixtures.. too many babies in the family recently...issit the baby boom year? sighz.. I dun even know whose is whose baby... many baby equates to mamy maids... 5 room hdb flats today there are 4 maids in the kitchen... 5 mahjong tables spread out from bedrooms to dinning area... but throughout the gathering with moi's paternal relatives, I seldom talk to any of my cousins... the only one that came up to me ask if I work at the HQ of her company, she wants to find out her posting ... OMG!!! I think their eyes are stuck to their foreheads until they notice that we are of some use... hmmm... of coz its work , I just say , "oh.... I try lah... CNY dun talk about work lah lol..."

Went to maternal granny house, while Dad stays there to play mahjong... greet granny but the first thing she ask is the puppy...AH MA!!! *pengz* granny ask if we brought the puppy... everybody in the house laughed... then the little cousins gather and play aeroplane board game, some get the sweet noodle and eat while watching tv... the rest play blackjack in the room... the atmosphere is so different from paternal side..