Wednesday, February 1, 2006

CNY - Day 1

First day of CNY routine has changed ever since granny passed away.. usually we will be heading Commonwealth Drive to greet her early in the morning then to maternal-granny house. Last few years, we have to ballot whose house to gather during the death anniversary of Granny then decide the venue to gather. This year its 3rd Aunty's house.... nice and simple decor.. in whites and dark glass and metal fixtures.. too many babies in the family recently...issit the baby boom year? sighz.. I dun even know whose is whose baby... many baby equates to mamy maids... 5 room hdb flats today there are 4 maids in the kitchen... 5 mahjong tables spread out from bedrooms to dinning area... but throughout the gathering with moi's paternal relatives, I seldom talk to any of my cousins... the only one that came up to me ask if I work at the HQ of her company, she wants to find out her posting ... OMG!!! I think their eyes are stuck to their foreheads until they notice that we are of some use... hmmm... of coz its work , I just say , "oh.... I try lah... CNY dun talk about work lah lol..."

Went to maternal granny house, while Dad stays there to play mahjong... greet granny but the first thing she ask is the puppy...AH MA!!! *pengz* granny ask if we brought the puppy... everybody in the house laughed... then the little cousins gather and play aeroplane board game, some get the sweet noodle and eat while watching tv... the rest play blackjack in the room... the atmosphere is so different from paternal side..

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