Sunday, February 19, 2006

Gal's Chat (Updated)

Went to scout for Camera at SL with C&L.... Cc and me settled down at Ice M waiting for Kel and Bb...we shared a Mango Combo and started some gal's chat..

Cc asked if I had any bf before knowing Bb... Yes, but I guess I'm rather queer , not discovered until I got to know some queer buddy... and I totally lost trust in the word LOVE after several attempt to build the "perfect" relationship...

Cc made a casual comment: "Wah u and Bb's been together for4 years ... Bb was very nice to you huh? But how do you measure nice?", this makes me ponder about the measurement of "nice".I thought about it, the 1st response was to describe it in materialistic terms: hmmm... she bought me bears, bought me shoes, clothes, rings, accessories, supp-ed me her credit card, pay for my mobile phone and suscription...etc...As we talked more, we realise it is a tendency to measure "nice" in monetary terms, Cc went "wahh....she's so nice to you...."Then, we both paused and looked at each other, and the sub-conscious attempt to re-evaluate nice in other non-monetary ways...

These were our attempts *let's try*:
Bb spent a lot of time with me (we stay under one roof...doesn't it count?)...
Bb is very patient with me (....?)
Bb can be very sweet at times..... (Can be sweeter...hope so)

We ran out of ideas pretty soon... so does it really have to limit "nice" to monetary terms?

Nah...I doubt so...Bb is really nice to me, and I really appreciate all that she has done. She's got to be one of the nicest person around.

Through her, I've learnt how to give others the "benefit-of-the-doubt" (especially to FRIENDS like "uDON" and "iVy-d0r")it's unbelievable, yet she does that all the time. It's not that she's naive, she's not. She's just so nice, it's scary, and it puts all of us to shame... "Bb , open your eyes..or probably need to change a pair of specs... some people aint worth to be call friend."

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