Monday, March 27, 2006

You're a Romantic Realist

When it comes to relationships, you're looking for a fairy tale — or something pretty close to it. While you don't really expect to be whisked away by a prince on a white horse, you probably like the idea of being rescued — as long as you're allowed to rescue back. You expect great things out of people, especially those you love, and you don't mind putting in the extra effort to make sure everyone (including yourself) is happy.

Tradition is usually important to you, as long as it's mixed with your own personality. Sure, flowers and candy are great, but when it comes to showing affection, you simply want something that is unique and special to your relationship. For you, it's always the thought that counts.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Banddies Gathering

After 2 weeks of coordinating work, finally comes that day for the gathering. Meet at the MRT station , Fen , Jenn and Silie is already there waiting. Silie can't recall who I am.. thats nothing new, I was so quiet back in school days. Fen, Jenn and me tried to call those of them that are supposed to meet at the MRT.

Called GuiChai up to pick us to his restaurant, Ivan's there somewhere in the carpark too waiting for GC to guide the way. We arrived at the restaurant, Jiahui and Janis' already there. Still the same chatty gals as they were in band. Expecting more people to arrive.

Couldn't decide what to eat , the boss decide for us and we had a feast: Sharkfin , brocolli and scallop, chilli crab, fish with sweet and sour sauce, cereal fried prawn, dry-fried hor fun with XO sauce, special tofu and last the dessert (longgan).
Its $300+ for two tables...

Pris and Geraldine came.. was having hard time getting their responses, glad that they came anyway. Shirong after them, YanYan and then Jinwei... thought Esther might have come with her , nope. YongX rush down after his work. Then Robert with his gf Ailian.

Dinner was fine and we had a photo session before some of them have to leave for home and other appointment.

Post dinner activity, spent some time thinking of where to go and finally booked a room at Cineleisure Kbox for 13 pple. large room of coz.. sang from 11.30pm to 3am +
In the course of picking songs, we realise that there's some generation gap huh? are we old?

We split into 2 cars, some in Ivan's car and some go with GC's car. Home sweet home..

Its kinna rewarding that everyone enjoyed the gathering.

While waiting for my hair to dry, I sat down to write a thank you email to all that have make this gathering a successful one.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Random Summary

Can't remember the sequence of things that happen recently..
I'll blog whatever that comes to my mind.

I am back home, ya missed my family, dogs, room and bed...
everything seems more relax at home, and of coz' mum's cooking..yummy.
Bb missed her workshop the next day coz the be is too comfy that she over-slept.

Went to JB with Bb on friday afternoon, was quite a smooth journey in and out.
Got some movies and the windows applications that I've been hunting for.
after that we go for a leg massage near the place we plan to have dinner later. A 1 hour massage makes me doze off, so relax, but after the the masssage my feet keep slipping off the sandals, so difficult to walk, shouls have clean off the massaging cream sighz...

Feasting time! went to our usual dinner place, ordered chu chang fen, butter clayfish, fried mee-sua and a pot of herbal chicken soup and sugarcane drink.

Wanted to get some toiletteries for mum but didn't manage to find any super market, better rush before the peak-hour crowd at the custom.

Received a few SMSes while queueing up at the custom... Arlene's Bdae bash and long-time-no-see Kor.. ready to go for Arlene's Bdae, but the queue is too long and over crowding, free admission is cancelled so called Kor to fetch us, went to club95 and surprisingly its fullhouse.. when did this place become so popular?

See some familiar faces there, some pleasant and some unpleasant, gosh ! have the whole L community swarm into this little pub? Bb ordered something new by the bartender, rose tequila, its balies and strawberry (Hmm, taste like magnolia's strawberry milk). I was'nt very adventurous though, stick on to Shirley temper (Fruit punch).

Kor and friend find the place quite bored, we talk about L hangout pubs, Bb list out some, most of the L pubs has become more like a winebar and karaoke pub, no dance floor to move about. The last one that closed down was the lengendary Monks...there after bye to dancing queens..

Drove around Neil rd as instructed by jacky to fond skybar, drove along the road twice no luck~ can't find the place, until we give up searching and DUH! Bb and me saw it ! too bad, we already plan no to go.

We went to have supper at Chinatown, share a bowl of porridge with Bb...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Love is not one-sided

Esplanade Photo Shoot

Bought the camera at the IT show, Bb decided to try out the night mode... Lets go to marina bay front... We leave the house about 5 or 6 pm...can't remember... had our sumptious dinner at Lau Pat Sat.... Grill sting Ray, fried la-la, mushroom minced meat noodle, kuay-zup(?), manago ice-kachang with ice-cream for dessert... *blurp!!* really full.

The sky is turning dark, so we walk our way to the esplanade, Bb walk so fast I can't even catch up, especially with this pair of sandals that keep twitching to one side, was thinking one day I might just sprain my ankle and fall flat on the floor... it was kinna quite as we walk, other then asking me which way to walk... my hands feels cold, why aint you holding my hands anymore? God are you mocking at me? couples after couples walked pass.. I watch them with admiration, envy... and misery... *sob*

took quite a few shoots at the merlion park and esplanade, our face seems quite expressionless tho'

Catch a movie at Marina square GV..-"Shaggy Dog"... nice comedy ...had a good laugh the busy lawyer somehow reminds me of Bb.. that dint know about whats going on with the family... Admire the wife that hangs on to him... but will I get the same ending? will Bb realised it , like the "father/husband"?

After the movie, no plans again.. walk a long way to find a place to eat... chijmes is all wine bars and pubs... beautiful plac I've always love this place.... besides that noise from pubs...

Finally settled down at Kopitiam for chicken mushroom.... and 3 cups of fruit juice.... thristy~
finish up the food, I knw Bb wanted a merc Cab... so we sat at the out-door table to take pictures until we get a merc cab... happy is the word that is witten across her fore-head...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gathering with Babe..

Can't remember when was the last time I met out with Kren.. Since we graduated from shri? hmm... guess its almost a year.. got a ride from at Bugis MOS burger. Talked about her job, seems like the probation period is a drag for her, glad that its over. I am always amazed by this profession, having to fly around the world as you work, isn't it great?

Besides the fact that I am happy to meet up with her , chat about our life.. Deep inside I feel rather depressed.. feel like I am a useless bum, at least for the ime being that I am jobless, aimless... oh well, it scarry being lost and out of control ready.

Sometimes I think my entire life is filled with emptiness... Not that I don't have a dream , but things just down fall in place with my plans... I wonder why am I so "suay". Just take for example Bb, I applied for the job for her as soon as she cleared her last module in uni.. she when for the interview, walah~ she got it... Kren when for the interview for her current job and yeah she got in.. I am *sighz* .... feeling really down.

Besides that, something to perk up my day, I've finally collected my ring that Bb ordered for me... either its not the size that we requested for or my finger shrunk over the 1 month. It slightly loose.

No plans after the gathering is over, Bb came to fetch me for dinner, have no idea what to eat (as usual) so we stopped at a coffeeshop to have fried rice. After that meet YG to a pub in Amara Htl. Its a culture shock, not the crowd but YG's friends...erm, I wonder how YG got to know these middle-age establish-looking ladies.. wow! the live band is kinna fun-loving, Bb dedicated the song "love,me" with a special msg... so sweet :)

Monday, March 6, 2006

I need Cherish me

Wasn't a fantastic day... I have been thinking am I (and my gf) victim of DBL? Lets hope its not then....

Seems like we have different piority in life. Relationship (Love) make up my life (up to 80%) I should say...but to her it is only part of hers... staying together without communication is a No.1 killer.. wanting to climb up the corporate laddle fast is her goal... aiming at perfection in work is her principle.

Totally exhausted all her energy when all these are met.. Unable to fulfil me emotionally, coz' by then she is mentally and physically tired.

I Understand...I compromise...

How far can we bring this relationship Bb? I know you are planning ahead for our future ..

I need you on the way to our future... don't make me feel lost...

I am scared...lonely...

Friday, March 3, 2006

Sad song ..

"The One You Love" (by Glenn Frey) :

I know you need a friend Someone you can talk to
Who will understand what you're going through
When it comes to love
There's no easy answer
Only you can say what you're gonna do
I heard you on the phone
You took his number
Said you weren't alone, but you'd call him soon
Isn't he the guy
The guy who left you cryin'
Isn't the the one who made you blue
When you remember those nights in his arms
You know you've gotta make up your mind

Chorus :
Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you
Or are you going back to the one you love
Someone's gonna cry when they learn they've lost you
Someone's gonna thank the stars above
What you gonna say when he comes over
There's no easy way to see this through
All the broken dreams
All the disappointments
Oh girl -- What you gonna do
Your heart keeps sayin' it's just not fair
But still you've gotta make up your mind