Saturday, March 25, 2006

Banddies Gathering

After 2 weeks of coordinating work, finally comes that day for the gathering. Meet at the MRT station , Fen , Jenn and Silie is already there waiting. Silie can't recall who I am.. thats nothing new, I was so quiet back in school days. Fen, Jenn and me tried to call those of them that are supposed to meet at the MRT.

Called GuiChai up to pick us to his restaurant, Ivan's there somewhere in the carpark too waiting for GC to guide the way. We arrived at the restaurant, Jiahui and Janis' already there. Still the same chatty gals as they were in band. Expecting more people to arrive.

Couldn't decide what to eat , the boss decide for us and we had a feast: Sharkfin , brocolli and scallop, chilli crab, fish with sweet and sour sauce, cereal fried prawn, dry-fried hor fun with XO sauce, special tofu and last the dessert (longgan).
Its $300+ for two tables...

Pris and Geraldine came.. was having hard time getting their responses, glad that they came anyway. Shirong after them, YanYan and then Jinwei... thought Esther might have come with her , nope. YongX rush down after his work. Then Robert with his gf Ailian.

Dinner was fine and we had a photo session before some of them have to leave for home and other appointment.

Post dinner activity, spent some time thinking of where to go and finally booked a room at Cineleisure Kbox for 13 pple. large room of coz.. sang from 11.30pm to 3am +
In the course of picking songs, we realise that there's some generation gap huh? are we old?

We split into 2 cars, some in Ivan's car and some go with GC's car. Home sweet home..

Its kinna rewarding that everyone enjoyed the gathering.

While waiting for my hair to dry, I sat down to write a thank you email to all that have make this gathering a successful one.

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