Sunday, March 12, 2006

Esplanade Photo Shoot

Bought the camera at the IT show, Bb decided to try out the night mode... Lets go to marina bay front... We leave the house about 5 or 6 pm...can't remember... had our sumptious dinner at Lau Pat Sat.... Grill sting Ray, fried la-la, mushroom minced meat noodle, kuay-zup(?), manago ice-kachang with ice-cream for dessert... *blurp!!* really full.

The sky is turning dark, so we walk our way to the esplanade, Bb walk so fast I can't even catch up, especially with this pair of sandals that keep twitching to one side, was thinking one day I might just sprain my ankle and fall flat on the floor... it was kinna quite as we walk, other then asking me which way to walk... my hands feels cold, why aint you holding my hands anymore? God are you mocking at me? couples after couples walked pass.. I watch them with admiration, envy... and misery... *sob*

took quite a few shoots at the merlion park and esplanade, our face seems quite expressionless tho'

Catch a movie at Marina square GV..-"Shaggy Dog"... nice comedy ...had a good laugh the busy lawyer somehow reminds me of Bb.. that dint know about whats going on with the family... Admire the wife that hangs on to him... but will I get the same ending? will Bb realised it , like the "father/husband"?

After the movie, no plans again.. walk a long way to find a place to eat... chijmes is all wine bars and pubs... beautiful plac I've always love this place.... besides that noise from pubs...

Finally settled down at Kopitiam for chicken mushroom.... and 3 cups of fruit juice.... thristy~
finish up the food, I knw Bb wanted a merc Cab... so we sat at the out-door table to take pictures until we get a merc cab... happy is the word that is witten across her fore-head...

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