Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gathering with Babe..

Can't remember when was the last time I met out with Kren.. Since we graduated from shri? hmm... guess its almost a year.. got a ride from at Bugis MOS burger. Talked about her job, seems like the probation period is a drag for her, glad that its over. I am always amazed by this profession, having to fly around the world as you work, isn't it great?

Besides the fact that I am happy to meet up with her , chat about our life.. Deep inside I feel rather depressed.. feel like I am a useless bum, at least for the ime being that I am jobless, aimless... oh well, it scarry being lost and out of control ready.

Sometimes I think my entire life is filled with emptiness... Not that I don't have a dream , but things just down fall in place with my plans... I wonder why am I so "suay". Just take for example Bb, I applied for the job for her as soon as she cleared her last module in uni.. she when for the interview, walah~ she got it... Kren when for the interview for her current job and yeah she got in.. I am *sighz* .... feeling really down.

Besides that, something to perk up my day, I've finally collected my ring that Bb ordered for me... either its not the size that we requested for or my finger shrunk over the 1 month. It slightly loose.

No plans after the gathering is over, Bb came to fetch me for dinner, have no idea what to eat (as usual) so we stopped at a coffeeshop to have fried rice. After that meet YG to a pub in Amara Htl. Its a culture shock, not the crowd but YG's friends...erm, I wonder how YG got to know these middle-age establish-looking ladies.. wow! the live band is kinna fun-loving, Bb dedicated the song "love,me" with a special msg... so sweet :)

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