Saturday, March 18, 2006

Random Summary

Can't remember the sequence of things that happen recently..
I'll blog whatever that comes to my mind.

I am back home, ya missed my family, dogs, room and bed...
everything seems more relax at home, and of coz' mum's cooking..yummy.
Bb missed her workshop the next day coz the be is too comfy that she over-slept.

Went to JB with Bb on friday afternoon, was quite a smooth journey in and out.
Got some movies and the windows applications that I've been hunting for.
after that we go for a leg massage near the place we plan to have dinner later. A 1 hour massage makes me doze off, so relax, but after the the masssage my feet keep slipping off the sandals, so difficult to walk, shouls have clean off the massaging cream sighz...

Feasting time! went to our usual dinner place, ordered chu chang fen, butter clayfish, fried mee-sua and a pot of herbal chicken soup and sugarcane drink.

Wanted to get some toiletteries for mum but didn't manage to find any super market, better rush before the peak-hour crowd at the custom.

Received a few SMSes while queueing up at the custom... Arlene's Bdae bash and long-time-no-see Kor.. ready to go for Arlene's Bdae, but the queue is too long and over crowding, free admission is cancelled so called Kor to fetch us, went to club95 and surprisingly its fullhouse.. when did this place become so popular?

See some familiar faces there, some pleasant and some unpleasant, gosh ! have the whole L community swarm into this little pub? Bb ordered something new by the bartender, rose tequila, its balies and strawberry (Hmm, taste like magnolia's strawberry milk). I was'nt very adventurous though, stick on to Shirley temper (Fruit punch).

Kor and friend find the place quite bored, we talk about L hangout pubs, Bb list out some, most of the L pubs has become more like a winebar and karaoke pub, no dance floor to move about. The last one that closed down was the lengendary Monks...there after bye to dancing queens..

Drove around Neil rd as instructed by jacky to fond skybar, drove along the road twice no luck~ can't find the place, until we give up searching and DUH! Bb and me saw it ! too bad, we already plan no to go.

We went to have supper at Chinatown, share a bowl of porridge with Bb...

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