Monday, May 1, 2006

Long Weekend @ KL

28th April (Friday)

Morning - 1st Class Coach
waiting for the coach to arrive at the passenger lounge ... so exciting I'm going for a holiday...Yeah!!! but abit sleepy though, not used to waking up so early.

The coach doesn't have a toilet ... dint know how to operate the "entertainment media" press the red button for assistance, in return I get a bochup attitude , pretend not to see me and the 2nd time the steward roll his eyes at me.... I'm really aggitated .. I ask Bb for the envelope by the agency ... called them but the line is busy ...arghz!

Finally the media works.. after the M'sia custom.. and the steward came to explain ... Yes, he saved his own butt... havent tried the taste of the complain queen..

Afternoon - Checking in Hotel
I made reservation before arriving KL, how can they treat it as a new customer? I make special request that I want bath tub , high level and double bed... everything not there... give me the excuse that its full.... @#$%^&*

Went to have lunch at Hotmama... I'm amused by different culture...hahaha... I can smoke in a restuarant??? so sua-ku right .... I even took picture of myself hahaha... After lunching , meet Fen at Time Square ... took 2 rides and I surrender.... 1st ride the super fast merry-go-round... faints... and the 2nd one , around the clock spinning and hanging up in mid air .... I shiver, only close my eyes and try to scream, but no sound.. Am I going to faint? Feel so insecured up there... Ahhhhhhh~ Sorry , I can't take the roller coaster...

Took the monorail to chinatown.... the monorail ... small ... I start to appreciate our MRT after that ride... imagine not a chance to fall coz its really packed..

the sky is turning dark... really crowded there and its raining ...... browse the first round to survey the price, dint really get anything... bargain like mad sighz.. too bad we can speak a word of malay or cantonese... but i can understand simple its like chicken and duck bargaining .. the last buy was really bad... I was being shouted and chased by the sales person right up to the end of the lane... sighz... I bought a watch at RM100.

Dinner at S&M food court .... ordered western food, only stall there still open ... my over cooked black pepper steak tasted like rubber... dint eat much ... just finish up a can of coke and some fries.

29th April (Saturday)

Shop around BB plaza, LY, Lot10 .... bought flash drive, handphone cover and earpiece... Shoes... happy shopping for sandals and bags... Isetan sales is so tempting... sobz converse shoes doesnt have my size...why?! I'm going to try KLCC .. *hmmmf*

Dinner at KFC , then bargain again at the pasar malam...

30th April (Sunday)

Legs give up already ... went to KLCC... opps forgot about lunch... gastric pain... the 1st time I experience the pain ... OMG, its so unbearable... but I am still as particular about CS as ever... the waitress I snook her for telling us that section with cushion seats is closed , and the next minute I saw her leading a couple to the "closed" section ... arghz... I ask another waiteress.."is that section closed? she hesitate a "yes..but if you want a table there is possible..."

Isetan again ... the rest are too high end... Well, I wonder why I sign the M'sia Isetan membership... as if I will go often... After bah kut teh dinner ... we are back to the hotel... stuck outside our room AGAIN! why cant they just be nicer to me? I've to go down to update my access card everytime I return to the hotel??? with my tired feet.... sobz..

Foot massage... oooooH its a relieve....not as good as the one at JB coz only can massage 30 min , by the time we reach the massage parlor is already 1.30am... they close at 2am....

1 May (Monday)

Early bfast , shower and zzzzz on the coach ....
Home sweet home...

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