Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Did the sky cry?

Didn't sleep well the previous night... wake up in the morning feeling dull, so reluctant to move. Sighz..life got to go on, moreover there's a test today better drag myself outta bed. After brushing up, it started to rain, the rain that I've been waiting for, the rain that makes me feel nostalgic. I was just telling myself to recollect my emotion and get going...somehow I relate it as the sky is tearing, not very logical though, just base on my intuition...

I wonder why ? I look at the umbrella... oh, so many of them, screaming and waving at me, I just stare blankly at them and Im just thinking "why are you here?" thought I can just have some excuse to be with the rain, my antidote for everything that's weighing me down - right there at my doorstep, yet seems so far - coz' I've got a lesson to attend... that's very cruel *sob*

Yes, I am really late, by the time I walk down the stairs , its already 9am... 30 mins to Cecil from where I am now? No way if I take the bus and transfer MRT... so I took a cab and its a bomb, 20 bucks ... that's the 2nd attack for the day.

Not so bad , I'm finally in class ... glad I'm still in control, would have just gone into screensaver mode , I survived until the test....thanks to Jynx and Jyc, one keep me company in class and the other over the phone..I am so blessed with this two kakis around.. *cheer me up*

When was the last time I smell the "exam air"? quite some time ago I guess... 2 hours and 15mins, I managed to scribble on 5 pieces of foolscap for total of 5 questions... *phew* what a relief when I stepped out of the classroom... praying hard that I do well...

I still miss the rain... when are you coming back to play with me?

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