Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Bazi (Birthdate/time) Reading

Personality and Character
Your life will be full of activity and exuberance and you like to try everything at least once. You are generous, talented, versatile and outgoing. You hate to be idle and it can create a malaise in your active soul. You are gregarious and love company and forever inviting friends to your place for meals and festivities. You will not afraid to try out things and adversity will bring the best out of you. You need an outlet for affection in order to bring stability.

A subtly conceited person, you care about your look and are quite particular wearing the right clothes for a function. As a resilient person you never allow trouble to cripple or affect you permanently because you can pick yourself up and start all over again.

You have a grandeur, strong and impressive appearance. You like status quo and always like to be admired and try to upkeep such image dearly. As a result of such premise, it is difficult for you to sustain such image. A determined and firm person you are also stubborn once you set your mind on something. You are quite prepared to take risks and can get jealous easily.

Romance and Compatibilities
You need an outlet for affection. Your tendency towards frankness and willingness to believe others make your lover take advantage of you.

You are most compatible to people of Horoscope
Leo (24 Jul - 23 Aug) / Sagittarius (23 Nov - 22 Dec)
and born in Year of
Snake / Ox

You are the aggressive rather than passive type and you will go after a man if you find him interesting. You will let the man know if you find him crude, outrageous or intolerable.

As you know how to do almost everything, it is difficult to make a right choice. You are considered multitalented and are good at any job if you can focus on the right one. You cannot sit still for a minute and are very versatile and nobody can doubt your ability.

You are not afraid to start in a low position and work hard to achieve your goal. Due to your determination and hard work it is very likely you will reach a high position, as you get older. Whatever fields you have chosen you are likely to end up in a front-man position in due course.

You are suited for working in the civil service and if you are in the private sector you will work in the management of an organization or in the field of creativity. Your ambition is high and you like to do big things

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