Sunday, June 25, 2006

Revival of the Home Economics Session

Its always so fun to perform Le Chef in the kitchen , whipping up some dishes that can be found anywhere @ hawker centres.. Its just different, coz during the process of marketing, thinking of what to cook , cutting and the actual cooking, there is so much interactions and sharing great inspirations... I think this is the most truthful and sincere side of a person I get to see.. furthermore, the sense of satisfaction on the end product , simply make the food taste so much nicer then the commercial ones... and the dishes from le chef's kitchen are as follow:

25th June (Dinner)

  1. sour & spicy soup
    *apple (improvised)
  2. steamed rice
    *rice (improvised - boil in pot over the stove)
  3. bitter gourd with egg

26th June (Brekky/Lunch)

  1. Chee Chong Fun
    * steamed in saucer pan
  2. Popiah
    * eggs
    * shredded carrot
    * shredded turnip
    - No shredder, use the peeler to shred the carrot and turnip
    problem solving another acheivement huh.. *winks*
    * onion (improvised)
    * bread crumb (substitute for peanuts)
    *chee chong fun sauce (substitute for popiah sweet sauce)
  3. What's in the pot now?
    Bo Bo Cha Cha * yummy*
    * yam
    - ouch ! cutting the yam makes my hands itch.. *sobs*
    * sweet potato
    * sago
    * coconut milk
    * pandan leaves
    * rock sugar

That's a fun time in the kitchen after sorting out the notes and labelling the text for tmr's test.
yes, tmr is Child Dev test , not home economics alright...*bleahz*

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