Thursday, June 29, 2006


many truth surfaces today ...

  1. the things that was brought from KL she didnt really give.
  2. wanted to meet her for birthday , but was told that she will be busy
  3. went to her house.. she called me three times just to tell me to leave her house and confirm that I left
  4. L word which ( she don't like to watch when i beg her to watch with me)... she bought the whole set of the p version..
  5. the day when she say on the way to harbourfront is actually with AB, not at all to harbourfront but on the cab to meet someone
  6. she don't like soccer match, she said its a lame game, with 2 teams of man chasing a ball -- but she enjoy watching it with frds so much that she go off from work on the dot
  7. she brought me flowers tell me that we shall retain this relationship, and she walks away, leaving me lonely
  8. she doesn't take my call when she ask me to call her at night
  9. I don't understand her blog entries already because it seems so abstract. "naturale?"
  10. I fear that what goes around, comes around... will I be like "BBLurve"? be kept in the dark about a new relationship she is in , but out in on-hold mode for the bad news?

I am really shattered

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