Sunday, June 4, 2006

Turmoil of Life

Too many things happen in such a short while.. problems with relationship, financial, studies..etc.. Just waiting for the moment that my body breakdown. Finally on 29th May 2006 Monday... down with a high fever and asthma.. bad cough..everything that could have bring me to grave. I went to class and sat in for the 1st half of PP101, lect noticed that I'm pale like a sheet so she asked me to go home.. trying to balance myself , took a cab to the clinic, as usual long queue. sighz..poorer by $50. been almost 1 week and I'm still not getting any better.

Piles of notes and assignments awaiting for me... please get well soon! I can't tell the difference between taste of medicine and life...all bitter!

I will remain zombie until end of my course... too stress to think of anything else at this point.

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