Thursday, July 6, 2006

Enjoy communication

I am enjoying the communication with my love .. sharing personal thoughts of people around her, the bed-talking with her seems never-ending , time just passes so fast and I just didn't bear to close my eyes.

I can feel your distress and dilemma from her voice when she tell me about the family issue, yet I can do nothing to help.

I read her diary without permission while she's at work, I feel really guilty after that and I confessed. I find that she is emotional when it comes to the women in her life, could remember the entries of Char, Lee and reunion with old friends.. She is really a nostalgic and sentimental person... I have good feeling that we will grow old together.

The rainy morning cuddling in bed and stroking and watching my hair makes me want to be stuck in the moment, the taste of blessedness and contentment. I have never thought that I will be so fortunate to have someone driving me to school right to the doorstep, she makes me feel so pampered.

What have I missed? fate is playing trick on me or what? Now I feel like taking a ride in paradise, still in the shock.

Lesson has been boring , the whole class is dozing off, and again am I lucky or am I ... I have her 'company by exchanging text messages, keeping me awake. thought its some kind of telepathy that I was just about to text her that I am falling asleep ... there I got your message. The strong presentiment of missing each other seems to travel miles and connect us through the distance.

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