Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Le new Chapter of Love

It seems like a new chapter of my life has embarked. When my mind's a cloud and when my heart rains, I want someone near me… and there she is on the other end of the line accompanying me through the lonely nights. I feel so loved and sheltered.

How silly could I be to brush aside a nice soul like you, who have always been by my side all along – might not be physically, yet enough to sooth my heart? I'd have believed that it's simply a gesture of concern to a friend in need.

If my life is like the ever changing weather, then my sky is overcast as I look ahead at last and I push behind the past. She brings in the rainbow to my world; makes the day seem sunny with talks and jokes.

My day is fresh and new whether the sky is grey or blue she's here for me.

I overcome the past soul that haunts and hurts me, she (the past) who wouldn't play the game. But in her, I feel the longing, the one whose love was true, who wanted to feel the joys in life, like the joys I find in her.

What's that thing I feel?
Is it true? Is it real?
Is my heart again with feeling?
Can it beat again and feel? I feel once more?

My heart is fixed; now it beats once more.
No more crying and sorrow. No more insecurity.
I'm happy now coz' she've given me a new definition of what love should be like.

Been 4 days in a relationship she's all I think about, probsby that what we ca;; honeymoon period, whatever it is I just feel so in love. When she hold me in your arms , I feel my heart beating again with feeling. Then kissed the lips I longed for touched me.

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