Saturday, October 28, 2006

New chillout place

Went out with the Bintan gang after dinner.... quite an experience , pub hoping :) 1st to Red Dot Traffic, then 4 season hotel and long bar... didn't drink much coz of my bad tummy. Shared Hoegaarden beer with baby at red dots,

right after that we moved on to 4 seasons hotel ...order hot choc...yummy ...the rich creamy hot choc!! *drools* and we proceed to raffles hotel's long bar...

*blurp* full of water ... shared a drink with baby - cranberry juice. and had lots of peanuts... almost fall on the peanut shells all over the place.

Shall be back again ... craving for some beef (maybe beef horfun...)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Our 1st holiday

an extended weekend at the resort with 6 other friends.... tho'the venue is not new to me but its quite a different experience. Everyone look kinna grouchy when we meet at the is ready when we reach the resort, not too bad huh...

Too bad they don't provide hot water or kettle, there goes our cup noodles. Had lunch at the resort cafe, the service is so bad - just because we don't had blond hair, blue eyes and speaks singlish... waited for almost an hour for the food. the waitress is so impatient with us when we told her that she place the beer for the wrong person - guess I am not the only one who heard her tsk* when she walks over to the other end of the table with the beer.

This goes on for the rest of our stay there... on the contrary, the trainee staff is much nicer to us... at least our 10% (service charge) pay for a smile when the trainee staff serves us...

went tanning and kayak.... oh...and also night walking to the thai restaurant at the other resort... kinna scary, coz there isn't any street lamps at all...

Nothing much to do at night, we played Pictionary and charade ... and gave iFen a surprise the 2nd night...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sick with the "Sickos"

Feeling damn sick since last night, yet was struck by hypocrites who poses like your best friends , on the other hand wants to stand up like a heroine to speak up for the group... in layman term its call 2-headed-snake (2HS).

Down with flu, sore throat, fever and headache, backache and menses.... anything worse I would rather be in my grave .... I think more comfy huh?

practically everyone ask me to go home and rest coz I look very pale... I stayed till presentation is over and finally a break time, ought to start with the next group meeting for 1 last group assignment.

Guess what... nobody seems to be together for 1 moment.... there they go, "let's finish up so we don't have to come back tomorrow to do it.." (but where are the people huh??!! I want to go home leh!!!!!)

I can't take it, I feel the whole place spinning already, I need to rest, picked up my stuffs and appologise, lets meet over msn tonight or tmr I go to West side to meet up with you gals. the 2HS stood up and pat on my shoulder,"You better rest well, take care".... when I just reach the ground floor of the building, got this SMS from 2HS handphone no. but signed off as another person in the group:
"If you really can't wait to go I suggest you ask for an individual assessment from the lecturer, we are going to discuss the group assignment after lesson. J-O-E"

In a dilemma, and brain not working very well for a sick person like me, I went back and position my head on the desk to rest while the lecturer yada-yada... very sad ....*sighs* wanted to just reply,"fine thank you very much for your concern and sarcasm, I will ask for an individual assignment if you gals need tmr's off-site time to meet your boyfriends instead of meeting for assignment"

Another break time, I was so over my head that I confronted 2HS , showed her the SMS that she sent and ask if this SMS is from her or from J-O-E.... she suddenly turn into a saint again... I cannot take that face ...pretty babe with innocent tongue when she speaks, act blurr and funny....erm, I don't think it helps lor...

and she dare to question me back "what makes you think this SMS is from me?".... Bim or what huh? I didn't THINK SO... i am very sure its from you coz it's from your handphone! and her rest of them look at me weird when I went back to class "Why are you back? you go home and rest lah..."

tired, too tired to be in the thriller to guess who is the 2HS