Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Busy X'mas

entries not in order....

friday (22/12/06):
Dinner at ├╝berburger with babe and her c
olleagues. Before that we were exploring Millenia's carpark, looking for the best parking lot, sighz.... guess we're too ambious, followed this auntie whom only went to fetch something from her car, didn't even have the basic courteousy to at least letpeople know that she's not leaving yet. Anyway after the long parking lot hunt, finally decided on this lot, quite a distance from the exit huh....

Personally I'll not recommend this place: 1) browsing the menu is a big challenge, not only the way they present it in a folder that is extremely hard to open, they tried too hard to be innovative in their language... spent sometime decoding it (example: $101, is "1-oh-1 $"). Food wise it's definately not worth the price, BK burger taste better huh? Imagine after dinner we have to bear with the B.O of the waiter, to refill the water, to ask if we want anymore orders, to settle the bill... erm...we're all seated and when he serves, it's unavilable that he's to raise his arms --> the "aroma" oh man ! *faintz*

(to be continued...)

Friday, December 15, 2006

An Early X'mas Present

Went for a haircut at Holland V . I can feel the scissors poking my scalp *ouch*, please handle my head with care would you!!!
Wala! my new haircut looks like a pineapple head...

Next stop: shopping at Bugis.... Sunday shopping mall, expected to be crowded, especially X'mas is round the corner. Went to the toilet and it's closed for renovation, took the escalator to the 2nd floor @@ long queue, even the handicap cubical has a long queue...finally done with my business, meet Baby and Gwn at the Levi's shop. was ask to try on the slim cut jean... Baby paid for it and "that's your x'mas present ok?" that's fast.