Sunday, February 25, 2007

Compatible? Why ask?

t hurts when being asked whether we are compatible; makes me wonder whether she is unsure or she's seeing fault, 1000 other possibilities running thru' my personal views about Love and compatibility; it does not have to be reciprocated to be genuine....

Love & Lust? As for Love requires sex to be genuine....I have been stuck by this question for the longest time, I still think Love and Lust are two very different things. When she mould in things that I told her about my previous relationship, I feel like pausing her and add in details (but nothing comes out from me...pre-occuppied by her words and thoughts) .There are more than what she thought it was about my previous relationship. Completely irrelevant to how she perceived it... not to be blame cause' I didn't really go into details.

like a death sentence whenever we goes there...Maybe is the aircon, I feel stress and heavy breathing soon after being labeled selfish after the discussion. (Maybe I am but I just can't do much to help the situation...). For now what I can do to help is to ease my breathing problem before it got worse.. will take care of the rest later.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


just receive a phone interview for a hr position ... what take them so long to process the application, it's been months, I've almost forgotten about it. Now starting on my home office, the response's quite good and I closed 2 cases within the week where everything is still processing.

What in my mind now? I really hate this kind of feeling !!!

Should I concentrate on what I'm going currently or go for the position offered? It sounds like a good exposure for me, on the other hand, that means I'll have to stop my home office....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007