Monday, March 19, 2007

Till End of April

Had a 2nd talk with Baby, can tell that she seems reluctant. I want it to work, given a time frame like this will I function? I believe love has got the power, without love, two people could not commit themselves to a relationship. Love is the catalyst for commitment. Love is what ensures that a relationship grows and improves.

I believe that everything good in our relationship will get even better in time. But the truth is, not everything gets better. Many things improve in our lives once we find someone special to focus on, but some things become more difficult.

Like two weary soldiers taking cover in a bunker, every couple is bewildered by constant assaults to their love life. A relationship is continually bombarded by unpredictable instances that interfere with being the kind of lovers we want to be. many are torn apart by busy schedules, by words we wish we could take back, by not giving all that love demands.

Love asks for everything. And how hard it is to give everything! Indeed, it is impossible.No mere mortal can ever live by romantic love alone. In the long term, if we ignores these traits in themselves and coasts on love alone, eventually relationship will be in deep trouble when a crisis occurs that love cannot solve.

Sometimes crises become too numerous and too deep, resulting in a breakup-other times, it just means the couple involved needs to talk and work things out before they can move on - We grow to know each other and to make better decisions about the relationships.

For people who understands that not everything good gets better in time and who share a commitment to learning about each other's faults as well as perfections, love can mature and become something worth devoting their lives toward. The naivety of new love grows into a knowledgeable and confident love...

And I still believe...

p.s: I love you

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mark this date - "No day" 18th March 2007

I really do not know what went wrong but she just wanted it to end here. i'm floating in the mist - can't think or move, simply out of control. If only I can stop my tears for now it's the only thing that I can wish for. To her she spell it very clearly that it's incompatible, and I am still trying to digest that ambiguous reason for the break. Its like "I love you but I don't" . I walked out of her house and I don't care where I am going but as I walk realized that I am detouring, circling the neighborhood aimlessly - the "what should I do? where should I go?" question didn't even occur. I am no different from a zombie on the street. Depressed to the core, I would have slashed myself with anything sharp or bottoms up some cough mixture and dope previously, I didn't. It's not raining but it feels like it is - feeling so drenched, my feet are dragging me, hardly can open my eyes, everything seems so blur.

Until she texted me - Instant automation.. I slowly walk back to her house as I read the message, bought apple pie and corn cup from Mac, maybe my shadow if shouting "for what?", I think its for her coz' I don't feel hungry or crave for it... can't think.

Where is my comfort zone, it's so clear. Not even my own house, my parents already converted my room to a storage-cum-laundry room. I was told to leave in a nicest manner ever, even offered to help when I move. My heart just feel numb. What makes things started- Its LOVE, what makes things end- Its again LOVE. Complicated or Irony?

NO to everything:
Do I have the choice? Can I disagree? Am I clear of the situation? Can I do something to help?

But I am definitely feeling STUPID.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Little things that hurts

Just drop an email to Baby, some lovey-dovey stuff. And steal a glance at the clock, it's about time my tummy grumbles... called baby to catch some updates whether she's about to reach. She went to grab some things near here office, and is just about to leave that area... I just simply sigh and was receiving an immediate reply from someone at the passenger seat.... not a very pleasant thing to say no matter it's intentional or not - I don't appreciate that comment and I know my baby got to work, for god sake! Any problem with a call to catch up abit?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fish Obession ???

Baby's obsessed with the xbox game... sigh. what's that about playing it everyday and hit on a higher position on the scoreboard arghz! Sometime just wonder did I regret introducing this game to her or not .. Anyway, I enjoy looking at her when she is concentrating with the game *hahaha* it's so funny when she muttered and talk non-stop as if she is the "fish" ..hmmm... mush be really BIG fish huh?