Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Love is the reason for breaking?

Sometimes when she looks into the mirror, she'll ask "why do love me? I'm just fat and ugly" . I do not know how to put it across to her that these feelings are intangible, you can't see it with your eyes or measure with any instruments...

These are just a few of the reasons which makes me the happiest person alive:


  • the light that shines when my heart sunk to rock bottom my shelter when storm threaten over head
  • my sun that keeps me warm when I'm far from home
  • the one I can count on to get to familiar place when I can't find my way


  • cares for me in a loving way when Im hurt and need to heal
  • pours me with loads of love when I needed
  • always know just what to say when I feel like no one cares
  • bring a smile to my face when I am sad and without my handphone
  • scold under her breath of how lousy her elders are, but when they needed a hand, she offered unconditionally
  • assures me whenever she meet up with her ex for lunch
  • looks cute when she blush as I watch her drive...
  • tasted my tiramisu although it taste like coarse coffee beans on chilled cream

You’re Beautiful…its True..

She shows me how wonderful life can be, but when she sees only fat and ugly body, I see a beauty in her eyes and a heart of gold. She says she's hot tempered and unreasonable, I think feel that is only human to have a temper, just that she is warmer than anyone else around....

When passion consumes my heart and soul, she decided things should end, too afraid to hurt me ... I’m so helpless, can’t do anything to salvage it at all… the least I can do is to let her do what she want…and be happy. To me love is a process, is a journey where a couple walk through challenges along the path. Her reason for ending this relationship makes me so puzzled.. Disqualified before it starts..

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